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Captured by Jade originally began as a place for me to share my photography as a budding hobby photographer, and whilst the focus of my blog has shifted a little, photography and capturing moments is still at the heart of it. Currently I document a lot more of family life, but I do also still enjoy sharing my nature photography here on a consistent basis. There are a couple of ways in which I continue to do that - as individual photos and monthly 'Walk With Me' posts. 

The premise behind my individual photos is quite a simple one - they are photos I'm proud of and find visually pleasing; images I'm keen to share within the photography community. Individual photos are shared with no fixed regularity here on Captured by Jade, but they are a way in which to showcase some of my favourite captures.

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My 'Walk With Me' feature is where I share a number of photos I've taken whilst out walking - all pictures are taken on the same day. I've been sharing 'Walk With Me' posts within the blogging community for a good few years now, and they still remain some of my favourites to share. These posts inspire me to stop and truly appreciate all that surrounds me, with or without a camera, and I hope they inspire others to find beauty in their everyday.

You can find all my 'Walk With Me' posts HERE.

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