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Captured by Jade originally began as a place for me to share my newfound hobby of nature photography, and interact with like minded people. Since the beginning days in the summer of 2015, there has been a shift in the content here, with more family elements now being documented and shared.

Where once I would've thought of Captured by Jade as a photo portfolio, I now look at it is an online family scrapbook.

I share about our day to day life as a family of three in the form of monthly day in the life posts, snippets and snapshots of our everyday, and by wrapping up each season with reflections from the months that have passed.

As well as the little things, I also document big things too - such as our trips & travel. We aren't the most well travelled family, but have the mind set of travelling and experiencing bucket list destinations as opposed to trying to get a holiday in each and every year. Locally, we have stunning landscape on our doorstep here in South Wales and we definitely make the most of that - we love walking, the great outdoors, and being surrounded by nature.

When it comes to retaining memories, I'm definitely not the best, so being able to look back on these years is going to be a treasure.

'The days are long, but the years are short'
- Gretchen Rubin

Documenting here, and blogging in general, is something I largely do for myself - not just for the memory keeping, but because I have an interest in writing and all that blogging encompasses has fast become one of my favourite hobbies. Although the space is for me, I do hope that Captured by Jade inspires others to get outside, soak up the great outdoors, make memories together as a family, and appreciate the beauty of nature and the world we live in.

All content - photography and written word - is produced by myself and belongs to me. If you would like to use any of the content found here then please contact me before doing so.

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Twitter: @JadeCaptures
Email: jadecaptured@gmail.com


  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to your posts :) xx

  2. Great introduction! I hope to see more of your pictures!

  3. Thought I would check your blog out after you visited mine. I like it and I see you live in Wales which is where my wife & I go when we get a chance. Builth Wells is more in Mid Wales but it's a place we love to go to or caravan there.
    I've added you to the blogs I follow

    1. There are many beautiful places throughout Wales; I'm happy to hear you have a 'special' place in your family that you frequent.

      Thank you for visiting & following my blog!


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