April 12, 2021

The Everyday | March

The Everyday is a monthly series where I share positive daily snippets from the month that has been

'It is the simple things of life that make living worthwhile, the sweet fundamental things such as love and duty, work and rest and living close to nature.' - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday 1st | Proud of Alexander's beautiful poem, written about Wales, for St David's Day
Tuesday 2nd | New workout video
Wednesday 3rd | Writing up, and reflecting, on all the good things from last month
Thursday 4th | Bookish goodness on World Book Day
Friday 5th | Making soup
Saturday 6th | Morning walk - blue sky overhead, lots of bird sightings, the sound of babbling water
Sunday 7th | Time spent with a good book

Monday 8th | The lightness of the morning
Tuesday 9th | Connecting with a poem
Wednesday 10th | Relaxing evening bath
Thursday 11th | The sound of rainfall
Friday 12th | Mindful minutes 
Saturday 13th | The comfort of rereading a book I know & love
Sunday 14th | Thoughtfulness on Mother's Day

Monday 15th | Productive start to the week with to dos complete
Tuesday 16th | A feeling of gratitude whilst on a walk in the sunshine
Wednesday 17th | Starting and ending my day with a good book
Thursday 18th | Eating dinner together as a family
Friday 19th | Spring blossoms brightening a grey day
Saturday 20th | Starting to rewatch The Hobbit films with Nathan
Sunday 21st | A nice brisk walk early morning

Monday 22nd | Lovely sunshine
Tuesday 23rd | Reading with Alexander
Wednesday 24th | The perfect combination of warmth & breeze on the afternoon school pick up
Thursday 25th | Time in the garden with Alexander (after school) - bright clear sky overheard, conversation and curiosity about nature and our surroundings, and feeling of calm
Friday 26th | The scent of eucalyptus and rosemary
Saturday 27th | Trying the new chocolate orange mini eggs
Sunday 28th | Being able to rest & relax

Monday 29th | First 'official' day of the Easter school holidays - spending more time with Alexander
Tuesday 30th | A socially distanced garden get together with my mum
Wednesday 31st | Evening laughter with Nathan

Happy April!


  1. ...I hope that every day that you find beauty.

    1. Thank you, Tom - and you also. Beauty is all around us.


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