March 03, 2021

The Everyday | February

The Everyday is a monthly series where I share positive daily snippets from the month that has been

'It is the simple things of life that make living worthwhile, the sweet fundamental things such as love and duty, work and rest and living close to nature.' - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday 1st | Lingering snow scenes from the light snowfall yesterday
Tuesday 2nd | Being within the pages of a good book
Wednesday 3rd | Trying a new dinner recipe that proved to be a success
Thursday 4th | Getting out on a little walk
Friday 5th | Thankful to have a family (husband + son) that I can be silly with, have fun, and laugh with
Saturday 6th | Time in the morning spent reading (Alexander & I sat on sofa, reading our respective books)
Sunday 7th | Warming up from a fresh walk with a cosy blanket and hot cup of tea in hand

Monday 8th | A good and productive day, ticking all the to dos
Tuesday 9th | Lego building with Alexander
Wednesday 10th | Bright blue sky
Thursday 11th | Finishing a book and coming away with a new author I want to read more of
Friday 12th | Completing a little organising task
Saturday 13th | Watching the snow flurries
Sunday 14th | Laughter, so much laughter

Monday 15th | A nice slow pace to start the (half term) week
Tuesday 16th | Homemade pancakes
Wednesday 17th | Pitter patter - raindrops falling
Thursday 18th | A lunchtime living room picnic with Alexander
Friday 19th | Calm & quiet in a relaxing bubble bath
Saturday 20th | A nice weekend lie in
Sunday 21st | Admiring Alexander's creativity/imagination

Monday 22nd | Morning walk - in search of daffodils, and found them, plus also saw a dipper
Tuesday 23rd | Lovely to see how happy and energised the children were to be back to school and with their peers
Wednesday 24th | Keeping up with healthy habits
Thursday 25th | Blue sky & sunshine; a hopeful feeling
Friday 26th | The sky at sunset
Saturday 27th | The three of us went on a morning walk - spring feeling
Sunday 28th | Little notes from Nathan

Happy March!


  1. ...we will have to wait for daffodils.

    1. I hope you have some cheerful spring scenes nearby soon :-)


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