February 03, 2021

The Everyday | January

The Everyday is a monthly series where I share positive daily snippets from the month that has been

'It is the simple things of life that make living worthwhile, the sweet fundamental things such as love and duty, work and rest and living close to nature.' - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday 1st | Beginning the new year with a happy heart, full of things to be thankful for, ready for 2021
Saturday 2nd | Laughter - as a family and as a couple
Sunday 3rd | Nice weekend lie in

Monday 4th | Thriving with the return of routine
Tuesday 5th | Good little morning walk with Alexander
Wednesday 6th | Alexander's joy at having his new Lego set up (table etc)
Thursday 7th | Pink and blue sky (morning & evening) - my favourite
Friday 8th | The smell whilst baking chocolate chip muffins
Saturday 9th | Completing a task that was much needed & lingering - no longer procrastinating
Sunday 10th | A morning bath - this always feels like such a luxury

Monday 11th | Watching a blue tit flit around in the lower branches of trees on my morning walk with Alexander
Tuesday 12th | A delicious dinner made in the slow cooker
Wednesday 13th | Returning to blogging
Thursday 14th | The sight of Alexander all curled up and cosy on the sofa, independently reading a chapter book
Friday 15th | A nice relaxing bath at the end of a long day - ahhh
Saturday 16th | Time spent with my loved ones, including Play-Doh with Alexander & watching Black Panther with Nathan
Sunday 17th | The three of us getting out on a little morning walk in the village

Monday 18th | Dinnertime with the three of us
Tuesday 19th | Feeling good after taking the time to move my body & exercise
Wednesday 20th | The daily inspiration on the calendar was a good and funny one today
Thursday 21st | The sight of sunshine after three gloomy, rainy days
Friday 22nd | Glistening frost
Saturday 23rd | Starting the next season of a show we are enjoying (we being me & Nathan)
Sunday 24th | Snow day!!

Monday 25th | Nice to start the week with a positive & productive day - setting the tone for the week to come
Tuesday 26th | Thankful for dinner recipes that provide lunch leftovers
Wednesday 27th | Keeping up with healthy habits
Thursday 28th | Feelings of rest & relaxation - a nice hot bath at the end of a long day + the 'ahhh' feeling of getting into a freshly made bed
Friday 29th | Another week of successful home school complete - and also a full month of it too
Saturday 30th | The sound of rainfall early morning
Sunday 31st | A feeling of peace whilst watching the snow fall (a consistent but light snow)

Happy February!


  1. ...you keep a full schedule.

  2. Clearly the little things do keep you happy though I must admit the new year did not bring me joy and I cannot see it changing for a while. Not sure I'd cope with kid the age you have them at home all the time, bad enough having them as adults working from home though at least I don't have to help them, it tends to be the other way round (getting old. Take care

    1. Oh yes, I have been ending every day with a few positives (only share one each day here) for a good number of years now and it makes such a difference to life overall & day to day for me. I hope (returning) these posts to my blog also inspires others too as well.

      Honestly, I agree with the new year bringing no change to the pandemic, especially with the lockdowns etc, but keeping these positives over the last year definitely got me through some of those months and I see them aiding moving forward into this year also.

      Managing with Alexander (7 years old) at home has been relatively fine for the most part, however I would say this lockdown and home school period has been the hardest on us in this household. But it is what it is, and we take each day as it comes :-)

      Haha! Take care & thanks for commenting

  3. I love a great quote and Laura Ingalls Wilder has many of them. I love the positivity of looking for the good everyday. Thanks for sharing this post. Gave me a smile.

    1. Given that I'm hoping to spread a little bit more positivity with these posts, I was happy to read this comment Carol. And yes, I quite agree with the Laura Ingalls Wilder quotes!

  4. Urgh! SUCH a cool idea. I love this!!

    1. Ah, thank you. I have been recording daily positives for many years now and I used to share these posts many moons ago here on this blog but for a couple of reasons stopped. I felt like this year was the perfect time to bring them back - hoping to spread the positivity and inspire others to see all the wonderful simple things also.

  5. This is such a lovely idea! Years ago, a yoga/meditation leader invited us to try using the first few moments on awakening to think gratitude for some specific thing . I have tried to do that ever since (fairly successfully most of the time) . Same idea .. it can be the smallest thing (I’m so glad our bedroom floor will be warm) or the most important (I’m so grateful that our brand-new great-granddaughter is perfect and her mother is well). Writing it down each day, as you do, is even more affirming! Very nice, thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes - exactly this, Sallie. It is lovely to hear you practice something similar, and start your days with gratitude/joy.


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