January 29, 2021

A Week in the Life | January

A weekly diary, this week specifically being the first full week of 2021. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is still here, we're still in lockdown and we're still undertaking all the precautions that have been advised in order to keep ourselves and others safe.

We're starting the week with an inset day from school for Alexander, so easing ourselves back in to routine. We had a really lovely Christmas holidays (despite all that is going on in the world right now) just the three of us, however I am craving that routine back again... And even just the ability to remember the days of the week! 

This morning I was kept busy with household tasks of washing (putting the weekend wash away as well as rotating all the loads that needed to be done on this day) and food prep really. I made a butternut squash soup in the slow cooker in the morning and over into the afternoon, and also had a bunch of vegetable prep for dinner and in to the week; it is surprising how much time this can take up! 

Throughout the morning Alexander was occupied with working on his Lego city in his bedroom, making changes here and there - he spends a good chunk of time with his Lego, both playing and modifying, and it is always nice to see his creativity in this way. After lunch the two of us sat down together and watched a film on Disney+ (Walking with Dinosaurs, The Movie) which we both enjoyed. 

The rest of the day passed with the usual evening routine of dinner, some family downtime, and the bedtime routine. 

Alexander and I were able to start our day with a little walk bright & early this morning, walking a loop in the village at about 8am. We love the outdoors and getting out for walks, but it is definitely harder at the moment as so many of our usual routes are now quite 'busy' most of the day - but we do still try to make time (usually early morning) for these walks as it is good for us both mentally & physically. 

Whilst out on our short walk Alexander & I took great joy at seeing a HUGE flock of crows overhead at one point. There are a lot of crows where we live and we often see snippets of this flock at a similar time from the window, but there was a feeling of wonder seeing the vastness right above us (honestly, this flock is in its 100's).

This morning saw us back to home learning, with the knowledge that children in Wales will be distance learning for the next two weeks at least (honestly, this is likely to go on longer - especially now with the steps that other parts of the UK have taken). Thankfully our return to home learning was a relatively smooth one and we were able to complete all the work, and more, set for the day.

Between the home learning and regular household chores my day was quite a full one (honestly, truly, hats off to all the working parents who are managing all of this - more so than ever I am grateful for our household arrangement of one parent working and the other a stay at home parent).

A nice hot bath whilst reading a nonfiction nature book was a nice way to unwind this evening.

Another routine day - work for Nathan (from our spare room), home learning for Alexander and general house bits for me which today included five loads of washing and the changing of the beds. Full days are good though, especially with keeping the mind busy when there is much doom & gloom around, y'know. I think we strike the right balance in our day - with being occupied but also in doing leisurely activities too.

This evening, after dinner, we were able to put together Alexander's new table in his room (for his LEGO creations), something he has been waiting on for a while; it was lovely to see how happy he felt about it... It now means we have the big job tomorrow of transferring the Lego from its current location to the new one. 

Once Alexander was in bed, Nathan and I completed a workout together (via YouTube) which is something we're trying to do more consistently now. I do try to make sure to move my body in the day anyway (be it walk, workout, yoga), but being able to do some kind of fitness video together also is a great motivator. 

Oh my, it was a cold one this morning; frosty roofs were a happy sight and with the cold temperatures the sky was clear meaning one of my favourite morning skies: ombre hues of blue leading down to a cream that just pokes over the hills as the sun rises. This clear day also brought with it a beautiful evening sky too, as the sun set we were treated a bright blue sky with wispy clouds of pink here & there. There was much admiration for the sky today.

We got through our day to day activities as usual - working from home, distance learning, and managing the household. There was some reluctance today with home learning, which is to be expected really, but we got through the work in the end. 

Alexander & I started watching a new documentary on Disney+ - Born in China. This show is a disneynature production and follows three different animals that are found in China and how they progress over all four seasons. It is a one off movie, as opposed to a series, however we did only watch about half of it and will likely continue with the rest tomorrow. 

Nathan starts work later (& finishes later) on a Friday, so we had some extra time in the morning with him which was nice. 

Alongside our regular routine, I baked mini chocolate chip muffins,  Alexander & I spent some time in the garden, and we watched the remainder of our Born in China documentary that we started yesterday.

There were updates from the Welsh government regarding pandemic measures, including being informed that the children will be learning from home until at least the end of January, which as I mentioned earlier on in the week, was anticipated.

I had a couple hours to myself this evening with Alexander tucked up in bed & Nathan still working (he worked passed his shift time, which isn't unusual), occupying myself by reading my current book for a bit and watching a couple episodes of Unsolved Mysteries. 

Today I tackled a task I have been putting off for months - transferring all my photos & videos from my camera memory card on to hard drive. I've been avoiding this task so long I have photos going as far back as April 2020, honestly! I really need to keep on top of this task, I say this every time I get to this point with months worth of items to move, and yet every time I return back here again. The actual job of transferring and organising only actually took about an hour and a half, so it isn't even like its an intensive activity. A 2021 goal should definitely be to get better at the continued upkeep and organisation of my photos & videos; I'm going to try to do it at the end of each month, at least. I think that's feasible. 

Nathan & Alexander spent some time in the garden this afternoon potttering.

Nathan & I watched another episode of Our Planet this evening (5/8 watched now).

I intended to have an early night but then ended up reading my current fiction book until about 10pm, so the early night didn't quite go to plan. 

Another leisurely day, just like we like on the weekends. Our time today was spent reading, having fun getting creative, spending time outdoors in the garden for some fresh air and movement, watching a couple of shows, and also featured an imaginative dinosaur adventure experienced by Alexander. 

I got my early night this evening  - perfect timing, ready for the new week.


  1. ...during these uncertain times, staying busy is a good thing!


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