July 02, 2020

Week in the Life | End of Spring

I shared a week in the life at the start of spring, when the global pandemic had just really taken hold, and so I thought it would be interesting to reflect now at the end of spring whilst still in lockdown here in Wales - it also happens to be the may half term for school holidays too.

It is worth noting that this post is being shared over a month after the time... There is no reason for this other than priorities - after reading through the contents below, I still wanted to share it though. There have been more changes regarding lockdown restrictions since the writing of this, but other than that, life is still very much the same now. I will likely share some day in the life posts (& weekends) now that summer is here, as week overviews just look a lot the same.

Bank holiday, so all three of us are at home - even though Nathan is at home the vast majority of the time now, he is working from home and so we don't see him obviously, just hear the many communications he has as he works away from our spare room (what we call his hobby room), so it is nice to have this extra day with him and enjoy the end of the long weekend.

We all spent some time out in the garden this morning, with Nathan and Alexander spending longer out than me due to needing to moderate my outdoor time for hayfever/allergy reasons. Whilst I bemoan the allergies (okay, and the heat a bit now temperatures are on the rise), I do not bemoan the actual lovely weather; it has been glorious, and whilst lockdown as a whole is hard on many levels, I think being able to look out of a window even and see blue skies or sunshine is a mood booster in itself.

Being an extension of our weekend, the day was passed with hobbies: Nathan working on his current table top gaming project, Alexander drawing & making books, and reading for me (I did also do laundry and put laundry away as a household job). All in all, a generally pleasant bank holiday Monday.

I made sure to go to bed at an early time, knowing there would be no lie in tomorrow... My sleep pattern has gone a little off schedule these last few days, so I'm trying to get it back on track.

After a few little lie ins, getting up with the alarm today was hard, but I did get up on time.

As I mentioned in the opening of this post, there is no school/home learning currently as it is a week long school holiday here, which opens up the morning a bit. After the usual morning routine of breakfast, getting ready for the day etc, I start my household tasks for the day - on Tuesday's I clean the upstairs and change the beds... However, given I have more time on my hands, I decide to deep clean Alexander's room and give it a good blitz. With a LEGO city on his bedroom floor (which we precariously moved and put back in place) and also with Alexander having been at home consistently for nearly three months, I'll just politely say it really needed it! Honestly, this job in itself took up a good chunk of the morning, but it felt good to have done it afterwards.

Of course Nathan was working today, so me and Alexander spent time together watching an episode of Blue Planet (we are rewatching at Alexander's request), having a bit of a colouring afternoon, and also reading together. Individually we kept ourselves busy too: for Alexander this was creating animals with LEGO bricks and also playing with toy cars, for me this was mostly reading. 

Nathan finished work in time for us all to eat dinner together, which is nice as I do love this time of day when we come back together... The rest of the evening passed with family time, conversations, lots of energy and laughter and joy. 

At the usual time bath, book and bed routine was performed and I soon followed suit.

This morning, before Nathan started work at 8am, I popped to the local shop as we were in need of some items, such as bread etc. There was nobody else in the shop but myself (likely due to the time - which is why I went so early) and I was there and back in less than ten minutes. We are of course still limiting as and when we go out for shopping, with us only going to the shop when food is really needed. 

Alexander & I spent some time in the garden after this... It was already pretty warm at this time, with us both more than comfortable sitting outside in no extra layers; t-shirt weather. By time we came in, roughly 45 minutes later, we were both a bit clammy - you could tell as the sun rises higher, the temperature is going to soar. 

Our morning was largely full of individual activities... Alexander spent the rest of the morning playing really - he spent some time being creative with LEGO in his room, then decided to play with his animal toy figures in the sink with imaginative sea scenes, and after this he then returned to his room and LEGO. During this time I read some and also made some good progress with some blogging tasks I was keen to work through. 

After lunch, the afternoon felt like it flew by. Alexander took himself off to play again, so I worked on preparing some school work for next week when we return to home learning, and of course more reading (I finished my book - yay!). Alexander entertained himself with LEGO and also with making posters of fake animals that he created himself. 

It was just me and Alexander for dinner this evening, with Nathan's being put to one side to keep warm - he had a particularly difficult call as his day concluded and it ran over greatly. 

Not long after we had eaten dinner, my sister called me and spent a good while on the phone having a natter - a good while being over an hour; before I knew it bed time had rolled around for Alexander! 

Nathan and I unwound from our day and I once again called it a night at a nice reasonable hour - getting back on track with my usual routine.

With Nathan off to work (rota-ed in at the office) bright and early this morning, Alexander & I enjoyed a nice slow paced morning... You know the kind where you just do everything at a leisurely pace. 

Our main activity this morning was having a movie morning, finally watching Toy Story 4. Whilst we had fun watching the film, accompanied with popcorn of course, we both agreed that there was really no need for a Toy Story 4 - they should have stopped at Toy Story 3; that wrapped everything up so nicely. 

In the afternoon we continued our slow pace, spending time playing games (Jenga) and continuing with our colourings from the other day.

Nathan arrived home from work at the usual time, however he did still have work to do once home... He spent a further two hours working in the spare room turned office.

The evening routine unfolded as usual, for all of us.

Today is the day I do a big chunk of my household tasks, starting first thing so I know they are done and dusted with. Following on from this, Alexander & I sat down to an activity he created for us - inspired by a Harry and the Dinosaurs book, he drew a number of animal posters and the two of us coloured them in together. This was a fun little activity that we spent a good couple of hours on together before lunch.

It was a LEGO playing and book reading kind of afternoon. 

Off the back of his LEGO playing, Alexander spoke about a want for more LEGO. Well, he has been saving his pocket money all year so far, and some coins grandparents have given him also, and had amounted a decent sum so far... The original plan for this was to save until the summer holidays and then we'd go to the LEGO shop in Cardiff, but obviously the pandemic is still very much going on and who knows what the summer holidays will look like right now, so with him having mentioned it again, I said that we could look online and he could buy some that way now. After much deliberation, he decided on which LEGO to get and is super excited to be getting his very own delivery some time in the future... I have a feeling we're going to hear a lot about the delivery in the run up to it!

On a slightly more serious note... The First Minister of Wales announced plans for lifting lockdown a little bit here in Wales. As of Monday 1st June, people in Wales will be able to meet outdoors with individuals from another household, whilst still maintaining social distancing measures such as 2m distance and ensuring they stay local (other households meeting outdoors has been in place in England for a week or so now). Following on from this restriction lift, our next review will be June 18th. Wales is lifting restrictions at a much slower rate than England, and I'm not mad about it... I think they are being more thoughtful of the citizens and the spread of the virus.

A little lie in was enjoyed this morning... Alexander & I got up at about ten to seven, and Nathan got up at about half past eight. After breakfasting and getting ready for the day (including slathering up in suncream), the three of us set out on a walk. Alexander had put in a route request, asking to explore a new to us path that we have passed before, but not been on, so that's where we headed.

We spent a good hour and a half out exploring this new to us area - winding further and further up in to the treeline that sits on the hill (we live in a valley village) opposite our house. We didn't walk the entire path, but took in the nature sights and sounds around us, as well as the birds eye view of the villages and towns nearby ours.

Before going on this walk I ummed and ahhed about bringing my camera... I haven't taken my camera out since February. I do love photographing nature, however it does definitely slow me down when walking, and whilst we saw nobody on the path we followed, with the pandemic still very much a thing I like to spend minimal time outdoors really, so am still leaving my camera at home currently; it just feels like the right thing for me (the short of that being: I don't want to linger longer than I need to). We saw many beautiful things that I would have loved to capture on camera - different flower types, stunning sunshine lighting up the leaves, a wonderful view of the Bristol Channel off in the distance - I'm also happy and grateful to have just experienced those things and been in the moment on our walk.

Once home from our walk, the day just passed in the usual relaxed weekend way of our household - Alexander drew and made books, I laid on the sofa and listened to my audiobook for an hour, we all played Nathan's newest table top game creation in the afternoon, chilli was made for dinner. 

Much the same as Saturday, although we did not go for a walk today. Additional extras for Sunday include prepping for the upcoming week - food prep, getting school work together for the next week of home learning, having a tidy house, and such like.


  1. ...spring certainly pass by quickly! Let's enjoy summer now.


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