May 19, 2020

Interview With Alexander (6 Years Old)

At the time of writing this, Alexander is 6 years and 6 months, he stands at 4ft tall, and is in year 1 (although in the year 1/year 2 class at school).

Favourite colour: rainbow | Favourite show: Dinosaur King | Favourite ice cream flavour: bubblegum

Alexander is quite an outgoing boy, with a good group of friends at school, and often has a smile on his face (the kind of smile that lights up his whole face). He is kind, thoughtful and compassionate, with much curiosity and creativity also. Alexander spends most of his time, at age six, drawing and working on his Lego city building.

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What's your name?

Do you have any nicknames?
Sometimes you and daddy call me Al. That makes me think of Big Al (a dinosaur from a show).

How old are you?

What's the best thing about being six?
Just being six.

Tell me some things you enjoy...
Drawing (I ask, drawing what?) You can just draw anything really. I like my comfy seat because it is cosy and that's where I draw sometimes with my notebook and put stickers in books. That's all.

Do you have a favourite animal?

What do you like about dinosaurs?
Facts! There are lots of facts in different dinosaur books.

Do you have a favourite dinosaur?
Giganotosaurus, because they are big.

Nice! What other animals do you like?
Amazon animals!

You're very interested in the Amazon, aren't you?
Yes, because it has lots of animals and is full of trees.

Wrapping up...

Do you have a favourite place you like to go?
The duck pond. To see the animals and there are two slides and a climbing frame.

What is your favourite thing to do together as a family?
I liked it when we did the rainforest dome together (a craft we all worked on together recently).

And last one, what do you want to be when you grow up?
An explorer in the Amazon with my best friend from school!

Alexander is a wonderful boy, who makes me proud each & every day. I am thankful to be his mum and see him progress & grow as a person.


  1. ...6 and a half years old, where has the time gone?


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