May 27, 2020

Day in the Life | A Sunday in May

Captured by Jade is a place for me to document our life as it is - the big & the small - with day in the life posts being one way I do that. 

The day I'm sharing below is a recent Sunday that included bird drama, time spent puzzling and lots of laughter.

I am up, soon followed downstairs by Alexander - who was already awake prior, playing & reading in his room.

I sit down with my cup of tea whilst Alexander sits down with his book - an animal fact book; he shares a bunch of information with me (his independent reading is really coming along). I also check the news and weather during this time, keeping up with the world.

Time to make breakfast - we both go for cereal. I also warm up Nathan's cup of tea I had made for him when I got up, and bring it upstairs for him. I would usually leave Nathan to just sleep in, however we had planned to go for our walk as early as possible, so informed him of the time.

After giving Nathan his tea, and opening the curtains to help wake him up, I join Alexander back downstairs. Breakfast conversation, initiated by Alexander, is of course animal related, with him asking my top three animals - owls, butterflies, whales. Alexander's top three are - giraffe, meerkat, wolf.

I've finished eating - Alexander hasn't - so I sit down on the sofa and read a few pages of my current nonfiction book (Becoming by Michelle Obama).

Nathan is up and Alexander has finished eating, so we get ourselves dressed and ready for the day.

Bright & early (to reduce the amount of people) we go for our walk, deciding to just walk within the neighbourhood of our village.

Home from our walk.

I set myself up with my jigsaw puzzle (a sunset lighthouse scene) and a cup of tea. I like to spread my puzzles out over a good number of days, so work on them in drips and drabs. During the time I spend beginning my puzzle, Alexander is working on a book he is making himself (animal themed - of course), and Nathan spends time on his laptop and also does some dishes.

I'm still doing my puzzle, and hear the fluttering of wings... A bird has fallen down the chimney!

This isn't the first time this has happened, and we have a bit of a plan of action in place for just such instances... Basically me and Alexander hiding upstairs whilst Nathan helps the bird to safety. From the bedroom, we could hear a lot of 'woah', 'not near the sofa' and other such statements. The bird was safely put back outside.

Return to my puzzle.

After making Alexander another book (we use the method of folding A4 papers in half, then hole punching, and binding together with string), I pick up where Nathan has left off with the dishes - he was peckish and made himself some brunch as he hadn't eaten breakfast.

I did the dishes, gave the kitchen a good clean, and organised some bits too. 

Sit down with Alexander to read the last few chapters of The Lonely Lion Cub, a book from the Zoe's Rescue Zoo series, and our current chapter book read.

Started to make lunch - & then it was consumed. We had a lot of good conversation over lunch, including about beaches we have been to.

We heard the sound of a bird cheeping, extremely close... We thought, not again, surely not?! Nathan looked in the chimney once again (the chimney is actually closed off, but there is a side panel that we can access it via) but couldn't actually see a bird. Given that the sound was so close, we decided it would be a good idea to keep the panel off for a while, so me & Alexander returned to the upstairs during this time; we close ourselves away upstairs as we don't like the unpredictability of a bird flying around the house.

Nathan has saved the bird - yes, there was indeed a second one (it was on a ledge initially, which is why Nathan couldn't see it). I am very much thankful he has ability to do these things.

Following on from our second bird drama of the day, we all settle ourselves on the sofa and have a bit of a bookish afternoon - Nathan & I read and Alexander flits between doing drawings in his book he made earlier & reading. 

I make myself a cup of tea, and enjoy a couple of biccies also.

Bath time for Alexander... Random point of the day for some, to have a bath at 3pm, but we just find that this is the time that works well for us all on a Sunday.

Puzzle progress.

Leaving the puzzle for now, it is time for me to get started on making dinner.

Dinner served: vegetarian sausages with mashed potato, carrots, onion and gravy. Yum!

Dinner finished, so we each get on with individual activities for a while.

The three of us come together to play a few games of Dobble (a card game) - lots of laughter.

Alexander and I get to work on a puzzle of his own - Orchard Toys Dinosaur Discovery. This puzzle is a 150 piece one, so it takes up the rest of our evening.

Bedtime for Alexander. 

Alexander picked Mr Men Adventures with Superheroes for his bedtime story. We also conclude each day with some positives and favourites, with Alexander's favourite thing today being book making. 

Time for me to hop on in my own bath now and have a good old relax... Ahhhhhhh.

Finished in the bath now, I spend some of my evening time on my laptop. I watched a vlog (Blair Lamb on YouTube) and also caught up with the local news... I was happy to learn about a new zero waste store that is now open in our nearest main town - it has been open since mid March, but I hadn't heard about it until now due to lockdown measures being in place. Happy to have heard about the business and happy to support them moving forward also.

I've been trying to make sure that I wind down before bed deviceless now, so I spend some time reading. 

I call it a night & conclude my day.

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  1. ...I'm not doing puzzles, but I find most days puzzling! Take care and stay safe.


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