March 31, 2020

Week in the Life | Early Spring

This is a week in our life as a pandemic has hit the world (with COVID-19).

A new week, with a new normal.

We are currently in self isolation, so all three of us are at home, however Nathan is working from home during this time with a big block of his day being spent in our spare bedroom (his hobby room, currently turned into his makeshift office).

I've mentioned here before how important routine is to me, and how Alexander thrives on that also, so with that in mind I am still trying to follow our day to day routine as much as possible.

We are up at normal time - 6am - although Alexander has been waking up earlier than this with the mornings being much lighter now spring is here (which is lovely - the spring light, not the earlier mornings!), and we just get on with our morning as we would: a nice slow pace of having breakfast, getting ready for our day, followed by Alexander playing and me having my second cup of tea (very important part of my day) plus getting any house jobs that need doing started for the day (washing/laundry today).

With the schools being closed now, we are continuing Alexander's learning at home. We have a loose plan which involves doing English & Maths in the morning, which usually lasts about 30 minutes to an hour, and than a 'topic' in the afternoon for the same amount of time. This morning English & Maths included writing a few sentences about the weekend, learning the spellings for numbers, and some time telling practice. We aren't doing anything intense or overwhelming, just a few things to keep his brain ticking over - stimulated & challenged.

After our morning learning, Alexander played again (with his toy city he has created in his room) whilst I got on with more household tasks - continuing with laundry + doing dishes. I then completed a 30 minute exercise (a walking one by Lucy Wyndham-Read). After this, we spent the remainder of time before lunchtime out in the garden, getting some fresh air & sunshine (the weather has been glorious lately - and by lovely I mean glorious sunshine, but still quite cold); Alexander has been enjoying bringing his binoculars out in the garden to bird & insect watch.

Lunch consumed and more play had, we then completed our afternoon learning for the day - learning about the five oceans, specifically the names and where in the world you can find them, as well as the layers of the ocean.

Alexander decided he wanted to spend some time drawing after this (he spends a lot of his spare time drawing) and watching a couple of episodes of LEGO Jurassic World, so I got on with some of my own individual activities and other house tasks - one thing I did being sorted Alexander's wardrobe out so that it is full of his spring/summer clothes now as opposed to autumn/winter.

Before dinner we spent more time in the garden, and then Alexander & I ate dinner together - even at home, Nathan works later than his given work hours... He came down, concluding his work, at about a quarter to six.

The rest of the evening was quite relaxed, with cups of tea had, family chatter, reading, and more drawing done by Alexander. At the usual time, bedtime routine was rolled out, with Alexander tucked up in bed on time.

This evening Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, addressed the nation and put us in a semi lockdown - he didn't use the term 'lockdown' specifically, but many news outlets and such have. The guidelines in terms of when you should leave your house are very clear (to be honest they have been for a while), and hopefully this address means that many more people will now start listening.

Started the day with our usual AM routine, followed by learning - today that included, handwriting, sentences and addition & subtraction work - and then some individual activities until lunchtime.

I offered for us to eat lunch outside in the garden, however was turned down by Alexander. We ate indoors and then spent a good amount of time in the garden after. As someone who suffers with seasonal allergies, I can definitely feel that the season has arrived!

This afternoon our topic was the weather, in particular the weather we see most often in spring, and we finished this off by Alexander drawing and colouring a rainbow for us to put in our window. Many children up & down the country have done this in order to show & spread support, hope, and positivity at this time. Alexander also drew a sunshine and added that to his bedroom window as he thought it would be a good idea.

The hours until dinner time passed quite quickly, and I was happy to fit in a yoga practice during this time - it was nice to just 'be' for 15 minutes, even with the sound of rampaging dinosaur play coming from upstairs!

Today was a first for me, as I attempted to make bread for the first time. The recipe went well - I'm very much a recipe follower - however, my bread did get stuck in the pan! After some prying, I eventually managed to get it out largely in tact. The bread was enjoyed by all three of us, and despite the frustration & trouble, I think it was a good first attempt.

Nathan finished work at 6pm today. Alexander was keen to show him some of the things he had created throughout the day, including dinosaur drawings and LEGO creations for his city (the city that is practically taking over his bedroom floor at the moment!).

We concluded our day with the usual bedtime routines, and it was an early night for me.

Mid week, and we treated ourselves to a more slow, laidback day.

I began my day appreciating the beautiful light - soft & golden - as well as the sound of birdsong filtering in every now & again; the kind of morning where you feel full and thankful for all that you have and all that surrounds you... I do feel this every day, and am very much someone who looks for the good each day, but some moments you just really 'feel' and for me this morning was one of them.

Our Wednesday learning consisted of Alexander reading a book to me with him then completing a book review template afterwards in the morning, and in the afternoon he spent some time doing educational games on the computer (using Topmarks) followed by PE. The rest of our day was full of all the usual things - time in the garden, watching shows, playing in his city, and drawing.

Nathan worked a LONG day today, and it was nice to catch up in the evening.

Another relaxed day - learning, playing, garden time and one of those days where more screen time than usual is had.

Something I was really happy about today was picking up a book and actually being able to concentrate and focus, reading over 100 pages today. I'm a big reader, however during this time of uncertainty I have found it hard getting lost in a book, so I was pleased to have delved in to book that held my attention.

The last couple of days were super slow & relaxed, with Friday being the total opposite of that - there was a lot of go, go, go. Friday is usually my busiest day of the week anyway (along with Monday), so there was no change here really... Except for adding in morning & afternoon learning (in the morning we worked on telling the time and creative writing, with afternoon learning just consisting of puzzles & games; a fun end to the 'school' week). I do a lot of my household chores on a Friday, so that keeps me on my feet a lot of the day. Although busy, it felt good & productive which is always nice.

It was actually just me & Alexander here most of the day... Nathan returned to work today, and after 14 days in our little bubble of isolation, I'm quite worried about Nathan journeying to and from work.

Here in the UK, guidelines are quite strict now, including with regards to jobs - key workers are really the only people who should be travelling for work purposes. The company Nathan works for has been deemed as essential & key, meaning he does still require going to work. Of course he has been working from home these last two weeks, and where able to work from home you should, however he hasn't been able to do his job fully at home due to software, access, equipment and such. His place of work are rolling out to get them all set up at home with the correct equipment, however it is a process, and for now those who are able to come in are required to do so... Which is why Nathan has now returned to work outside of the home. I am worried about that, but of course his job is important, and we are taking all the necessary steps and precautions.

Nathan came home with some stories that definitely didn't fill me with confidence - but it is what it is, he is deemed a key worker, he is being sensible & following guidelines, and as I say we are taking precautions at home also... I do hope they get them all set up at home very soon.

Anyway, I'll end today on a lighter note, with some positives from the day: the sky as the sun rose, spending time in the garden with Alexander (we walked about, blew bubbles, and had a kickabout with a ball), the entertaining short story Alexander wrote during learning time, Alexander was happy to discover the seeds he planted over the weekend had started to sprout, the head teacher at the school shared an assembly online for the children - about bravery - which was thoughtful & timely, the sound of laughter and pink in the evening sky (a sky of blue & pink is my absolute favourite).

The weekend is here - my favourite time of the week because it means family time.

This morning included hot wheels car playing, exercising using an online workout (both me & Nathan), some mindful time, and Nathan began the rearranging of his hobby room - he has had the new storage and been wanting to play around with the layout for a while now, so took time on the weekend to do that... He was also able to make a proper work station area in there too now that it is looking like that needs a long term solution.

Much of our afternoon was taken up by removing a rather large piece of furniture from the upstairs (from the hobby room) to the downstairs, and getting it all set up in its new place... This task took a lot longer than the two of us would have predicted, and it was pretty exhausting also; we treated ourselves to tea & cake, y'know, for all the hard work.

Time changed overnight, springing forward.

Today was one of relaxation and self care, which for me included a morning bath (a bath during the daytime feels like such a luxury), and working on my next Lego build (yep, it isn't just Alexander who loves Lego - the adults in our household do too). As a Lego builder I'm very much someone who just enjoys the process of following the instructions and being pleased with the finished product - my current project is a set of three dinosaur fossil builds from the Lego Ideas collection.

So that concludes our week... I didn't anticipate this post being as long as it is, but I do enjoy these weekly posts as it gives more depth & insight than a day in the life (I hope to continue sharing both, balancing them out).

I hope you are all well & safe.


  1. I'm glad you have your routine to keep something half-way normal. Enjoy spring as much as you can.

  2. ...keep your life safe and healthy for you and your family.


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