December 29, 2019

Snippets & Snapshots | Autumn

Given that winter is well and truly here now - with even Christmas having passed (I hope those who celebrate had a good one) - I thought it was about time I sat down to reflect on the autumnal months. The last time I wrote one of these posts was back in spring, as during the summer months I documented with weekly posts throughout the school holidays.

After the school holidays we fell back into our usual day to day routine quickly; we thrive on routine in our household, so it is nice to get back to that familiar way of spending days. Throughout September the spare time together as a family was spent with a balance of time spent outdoors - in particular we walked a new to us trail on a glorious sunshine-y day - and creative activities including painting and Lego (a hit with all three of us - both together & individually).

Going into the month of October, Alexander decided he wanted to have his haircut short. Here on Captured by Jade I try to not show too many photos of Alexander with his full self in them, but from the ones I have shared you can see his hair is pretty long and often worn in a ponytail - by his own choice, he had been growing it out since he was 3. Cutting it short has been something often spoken about, however in October Alexander fully committed to it and so Nathan did indeed cut it. The cut went well, quite the transformation, but lovely nonetheless. As I say, I don't really share full on photos of Alexander, so there is no before & after posted here, but believe me, it was quite the change!

Also in October was the first school holidays of the new school year - it certainly felt like it rolled around fast!

The half term didn't start out the best for Alexander, with him having a stomach bug for a couple of days, but it was all up from there.

We took a lovely walk along the canal one morning, with it feeling rather fresh & a lot like a walk in the winter holidays rather than autumn - bundled up in our winter warmers and the temperature hovering just above 4 degrees. We saw a heron on route, Alexander loved seeing a dog that looked like Waffles (a show he has seen at school), and we noted how some of the trees were already bare.

A good few activities were enjoyed at home also, including a movie at home morning (Finding Dory being the film we decided on), and also an afternoon of colouring one day... Alexander had a picture of various trees that he soon turned into a whole scene with additions to the picture, done by him, of a river and woodland animals too - it was a transformed picture by the end of our artistic hour or so. My colouring page was of the apt quote 'I Love Tea'.

On the weekend concluding half term week, the three of us ventured into Cardiff for a trip to the National Museum Cardiff in order to see Dippy on Tour. Dippy is a diplodocus skeleton that used to be house at the Natural History Museum in London - a place I visited a bunch during childhood - with it being on tour throughout the UK, in various locations, for a year or so now, with him retiring at the end of the tour. Having fond memories of seeing Dippy in my youth, and a dinosaur mad son, it was only natural that we'd make the trip to see him when local to us. There are no photos of Dippy as the ones I captured had other members of the public in, so naturally would not share those.

The outing was fraught with a number of not so fun things to deal with, but we made it to the museum and seeing Alexander's delight at a 'real life dinosaur fossil' made it all worthwhile. We'd actually never been to the National Museum before, and so we enjoyed wandering all the natural history exhibits also. The three of us loved a woodland scene they had created, with all four seasons depicted (not the one pictured below), and it was interesting seeing the humpback whale skeleton too.

Our day at the museum was such a success that Alexander has asked to go back again before Dippy moves on to his next temporary home... And it's a good job too, as it was only after once home that we realised we had missed one or more of the natural history exhibits!

The following weekend - now into the month of November - was spent doing another family focused activity, with the three of us going bowling together for the first time - this was Alexander's birthday outing (yes, we now have a six year old!). We all loved our time spent bowling and it was fun experiencing something together that we hadn't before. For his first ever time bowling Alexander was pretty good, with Nathan winning the game overall. We also treated ourselves to the dessert restaurant this weekend also.

A large portion of November, in particular the weekends, was spent cocooned at home with wild winds & pouring rain falling outside frequently. This time was largely spent being occupied with Lego, sticker books, games including one of Nathan's very own table top games he created (table top gaming is a hobby of his), and reading.

Autumn has treated us well, with us making the most of our spare time together as a family.

I hope winter is being kind to you all so far!


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