September 13, 2019

Bournemouth Travel Diary | Day 3

Just as summer starting drawing to a close, we travelled to the south coast of England, spending three nights in the seaside town of Bournemouth - this is day three (our last full day).

Today, after breakfasting, we set out to catch the City Sightseeing bus to Poole Quay. The route there is a scenic one, and plenty of information was provided regarding all the areas we drove through. The specific journey we took was Poole Bay and Sandbanks Explorer.

Whilst we drove, as well as learning about the areas, we enjoyed admiring a number of houses on route - there was quite a variety in the architecture and building styles. I also noted, when passing through Sandbanks, that I could smell the salty sea air... Something I actually hadn't experienced in Bournemouth itself.

We caught the 10 o'clock bus from Bournemouth Pier and arrived in Poole Quay pretty close to 11, leaving us just enough time to exchange our ticket in order to hop on our planned boat trip: the 11 o'clock Poole Harbour cruise.

The boat travelled around Brownsea Island and the general harbour area. On the boat information was provided about all that we were seeing, however from where we were sitting (at the back/stern) it was a little hard to hear everything that was being said; snippets here & there.

It was really nice just being on the water and admiring all that surrounded us - harbour as well as some lovely nature scenery too. The harbour cruise was just over an hour; it felt like the perfect amount of time. Alexander was getting a little bored towards the end, but enjoyed the wildlife (namely cormorants) that he saw.

After finishing up on the boat, we headed across the road to The Harbour View café for some lunch. Following on from this we had a wander along the harbour front path, seeing many people crabbing and lots of bobbing boats. There was a really nice atmosphere along the walk path there, and in the harbour/quay area in general. Walking back the way we had come, we stopped for some ice cream at a little shop next to where we had lunch (Harbourside) before returning to the bus stop and catching the tour bus back to Bournemouth.

This little outing was roughly four and a half hours in total (including travel time); it was a nice way to see a new place in the Dorset area, as well as have a little break from the central seafront area.

Once back in Bournemouth we made a pitstop at our hotel before heading to the seafront promenade.

Today - Thursday 29th August - was the first day of the Bournemouth Air Festival, with displays being put on by the Royal Air Force & the Navy also. A few of the shows had already been put on by this point, but there were timed displays all the way up till about 8pm, so still plenty to see.

As we reached the seafront, we headed towards the East Beach, which is where a lot of the activity for the air show was present. There were many stalls set up, including for the Army & Navy, as well a food venders and such. It was pretty busy, but something that the crowds were worth contending for.

Our hotel highlighted the time for all the displays in the lobby area, and I was keen to see the freefall parachute display after reading about it there. We settled at the perfect time for this display, and in a good viewing space - it was an amazing thing to see & experience. Alexander remarked that the people free falling were so brave. It was super impressive... In fact all the displays we saw (a handful of them) were impressive and showcased an amazing amount of skill & talent.

A little after 5 we decided to head back to our hotel for the day - we had packed a lot in to this day - but not before picking up some lovely warm donuts from a stand in the Lower Gardens. The donuts were enjoyed with cups of tea once back in our room.

We did pop back out briefly - to pick up a little takeaway dinner - but other than that we remained in our hotel for the night. From our room we had a partial view of where the air show displays were being performed, so we tried to watch a couple more of the displays before calling it a night at 9pm.

Nathan's Favourite Thing: Seeing the planes; very talented performances.

Alexander's Favourite Thing(s): Going on the boat trip and seeing the air show where I was given a flag.

Jade's Favourite Things(s): Seeing another new place via the bus & boat tour + experiencing the air show (specifically the free falling parachutes).


  1. ...for this big boy, the boats would be my favorites, nice family time together.


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