September 11, 2019

Bournemouth Travel Diary | Day 2

Just as summer started drawing to a close, we travelled to the south coast of England, spending three nights in the seaside town of Bournemouth - this is day two.

We were up with the seagulls today, waking to the sound of them this morning. At roughly 7 we went down to the buffet breakfast in our hotel (we love a buffet breakfast) - a variety of food was consumed by the three of us and we were also able to fill up our reusable water bottles so that was handy.

Going into the day we made a rough plan which began with a couple of hours at the beach. We pulled all of our beach stuff together and made our way over there a little after 9. Much like yesterday, we decided to settle on the East Beach again, and after some toing & froing we set ourselves up in a nice little spot.

There were a few people settled on the beach at this time of day and a good number of people milling about setting up along the promenade, as well a number of individuals enjoying leisurely walks. On the seafront there are toilets well interspersed, showers/taps for washing off sandy feet and such, plus also signposted drinking water taps too - all of these were utilised by us on this morning.

Alexander and Nathan had great fun in the sea again, even venturing much further out than they did yesterday. The temperature was much cooler today (20 degrees being the high for the day), but they (& a few others) braved the water anyway. Personally, I'm happy & content to get my feet wet & paddle, but not full on immerse myself in the sea.

It was lovely and relaxing sitting on our blanket, watching the waves crash in and the two of them have such fun & joyful faces. I do love to be beside the sea... And bodies of water in general.

After a couple hours of beach fun, we packed up to return to our hotel (just as everyone else was arriving really). We all freshened up and soon headed on back out just after 12. 

Next up, the aquarium: Oceanarium.

In all honesty, there were a couple of things we disliked about the aquarium, but it was a good way to spend an hour or so.

After leaving the aquarium, we ate some light bites before walking along the promenade that runs alongside the West Beach. We had an ice cream on route and spent a good amount of our time spotting boats on the water (we were particularly interested in a Navy ship as it neared - it was setting up for the air show coming the following day). Walking as far as the West Cliff Zig Zag, we then snaked up there keen on seeing the beach from a higher view point - we hadn't done that yet and it provided a wonderful perspective we hadn't yet experienced.

The plan next was to return to our hotel, however we took a little detour whilst on our way back, stopping off at the Lower Gardens once again (as it isn't far from our hotel). We found a bench along the river area and enjoyed some refreshments - thankfully we had seated ourselves under a big canopy of trees, as it soon started to rain, and so we were not too affected by it.

At 3 o'clock we made our way back to our hotel, all in want of a rest really. We had made a dinner reservation at our hotel for 6pm, so we just spend some time in our room doing individual activities and vegging really.

Down just two flights of stairs to the restaurant, the journey was short and we were soon seated at a table. Nathan & I ordered pizza whilst Alexander had a kids meal of burger and chips. Following on from dinner, Alexander & I had dessert - ice cream scoops for him & a brownie topped with ice cream for me.

Back to our room a little after 7.30 - we wound down, cleaned up and all soon went to bed.

Nathan's Favourite Thing(s): Being in the water: I liked the differences in the waves and being able to see to the bottom of the water when the sun came out. The chill of the water gave me a rush.

Alexander's Favourite Thing(s): Going in the water and seeing a pig nosed turtle at the aquarium because I hadn't known about it before.

Jade's Favourite Thing: Listening to the crashing waves.


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