September 09, 2019

Bournemouth Travel Diary | Day 1

Just as summer started drawing to a close, we travelled to the south coast of England, spending three nights in the seaside town of Bournemouth - this is day one.

Our travel day began with us leaving our house just before 9.30am and arriving in Bournemouth at roughly 2.30pm, after a journey that included a bus, train, train and then a short 20 minute walk to our chosen hotel in Bournemouth (we stayed at the Premier Inn). Check in was super quick & easy, swift even, and we were soon settled into our room having been greeted with a great view of the seafront.

By 3.30, maybe even 3, we were set up on the beach, having scouted out a patch - with today being a glorious one (30 degrees), I'm sure you can imagine the beach was pretty packed by this time of day. Once at the seafront, you have the ability to head left towards the East Beach and beyond, or right towards the West Beach and beyond. We initially went right, however soon retracted our decision (after seeing how crowded it was that side & having a conversation about how naturally people veer to the right) and committed to the East Beach on the left hand side. It was definitely busy - as you would expect at a bustling seaside resort on the afternoon of a sunny day - but not so much as the West Beach.

Whilst at the beach, sandcastles were attempted (note attempted), as was a moat for around the castle (Alexander was super keen to fill up his bucket with water). We all had a little paddle in the water at one point or another, with Alexander & Nathan having particular fun venturing further and further into the sea. There were lots of smiley and laughing faces, which is always a joy.

In total we spent a couple of hours at the beach, only leaving when we did due to Alexander being pretty soaked thanks to the fun in the sea!

Heading back to our hotel, a quick change & clean up was had before heading back to the seafront for some dinner and a little explore.

We decided to eat at Prom Café, which is one of the main eateries you'll see when in the central hub of the seafront - we largely opted for this place due to hunger levels and it being right there. The selection of food wasn't the widest (there was something for each of us though) but it was served promptly and the place was reasonably priced - a good solid meal enjoyed by us all. Next our sights were set on consuming some ice cream.

Wandering over to some of the food stalls and trucks in this central area, Nathan was drawn to a garden nearby (Bournemouth Lower Gardens) and we had a little wander there - admiring the landscape, seeing a little waterfall that Alexander particularly liked, and enjoying the atmosphere of the gardens. There was a tranquillity to the gardens that contrasted with the hustle and bustle of the seafront, even though they were a stones throw away from one another. 

Ice cream was soon had after this as we returned to the seafront - on route to the pier. We stopped off at the Cart D'Or food truck where Alexander enjoyed a marshmallow bubblegum scoop, I had two scoops with mint choc chip and triple chocolate, and Nathan followed suit with two scoops opting for marshmallow bubblegum and blue candy floss. We all loved the ice cream, a solid 10 on the rating scale Alexander expressed (& we both agreed).

After the ice cream we popped to one of the gift shops and continued our travel tradition of picking up a fridge magnet wherever we go.

For our last leg of exploring today, we headed on down the pier, walking the circular route of down & back up the other side. Whilst on the pier we were able to see a number of fish in the sea (from a lower platform area), which Nathan, in particular, was really enthused by.

With the day drawing to a close, we returned to our hotel for the final time today in order to clean up, wind down, and soon call it a night.

Nathan's Favourite Thing(s): Going in the water with Alexander and I enjoyed seeing the fish under the pier. My blue candyfloss ice cream was tasty too.

Alexander's Favourite Thing: When I was in the water with daddy.

Jade's Favourite Thing(s): Being by the sea and spending time discovering a new place.



  1. The lazy days of summer are almost gone - lovely family trip. It's hard to beat the ocean and beach.

    1. Oh they've definitely gone for us now, what with back to school. We enjoyed them whilst they lasted though :-)

  2. So beautiful and relaxing and that ice cream looks fabulous. :)
    I found this post especially interesting because my son visited Bournemouth a couple of times this summer and enjoyed his trips very much.

    1. Ah lovely, Sara - great to hear he enjoyed his trips too!

      We had not visited before, but I had heard many good things about the beach; it is a lovely seaside resort town. We all loved it!

  3. ...trips like this are what makes memories, keep making them.

  4. Hi Jade, it sounds like a quality family break, just enjoying time together. I'm not sure about the sound of marshmallow bubblegum ice cream, but mint chocolate chip is one of my favs.


    1. It was lovely Deb - thank you!

      Mint choc chip is one of my faves too... Stick to the more traditional flavours lol!


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