August 26, 2019

Summer Holiday Diary | Week 5

Well, today we thought a washing machine repair person would be coming out (ours broke over the weekend), so we stayed at home... But due to a misunderstanding, it turns out they weren't coming and so we didn't need to stay in and wait. Nonetheless, the day didn't go to waste as we had fun & kept ourselves busy.

Alexander has been asking for a little while now to do a space project, so we got to work starting that today. Using an informational book of his as a guideline, Alexander drew the planets, the sun, the moon, and some stars on to cardboard, which I then cut out and he painted. The plan is to then stick these on the underside of Alexander's bed (he has a cabin bed kind of) so he has his own little space area. Whilst working on this, which did take us a good while surprisingly, Alexander stated that this was his favourite painting project we've done. We left them to dry overnight.

Given that the table had the paint stuff over it at lunchtime, we had a picnic in the living room for lunch, and this is one of those simple things that Alexander just loves.

As well as painting, Alexander also enjoyed drawing (of course), reading together, playing with his animal figures in a sink of water (random, but he loves this), and creating a song with the use of his guitar. So although we were indoors all day, we were not short on activity.

Started the day with a nice walk... A walk for me & scooter ride for Alexander; we were out well over an hour. Both of us agreed that today felt like the kind of day that you can feel autumn will be on its way soon. We also saw the moon - I've mentioned this here before, but Alexander just loves seeing the moon in the daytime.

It was good to get outside, feel the breeze, enjoy the weather, get ourselves moving, and head to a place we hadn't been to in a while (Alexander was sharing memories from other times there).

Today we actually did need to wait in for the washing machine repair person.

One of the things we did today was watch more of Blue Planet (we have now moved onto the second series), which inspired Alexander to do some drawings. One of these drawings was of a beach, and whilst drawing he asked to watch our videos from when we went to Tenby last year, so we spent about 15/20 minutes doing just that. Alexander really enjoyed our trip to Tenby, and often references it as well as asks to go back; I'm thankful that we had to ability to visit a place, but also the resources to record little snippets for home videos and look back whenever we wish too. I'm sure this blog gives away the fact that I love documenting the life we lead!

Wind & rain kept us indoors today... Some sunshine is forecast in the coming days, so that'll be nice.

We put the space items Alexander made (see Monday) in situ on the underside of his bed - some were just too small too faff with putting up (he said he will remake those bigger), but he is happy with them and deliberated greatly on the placement of them.

Another home day, by choice of Alexander. I asked if he wanted to go out today and he said he had too many jobs to do and needed to stay home - turns out those jobs were drawing, drawing, and oh, more drawing. Obviously I try to encourage getting out as much as possible with Alexander (this week isn't the best example of that), but we all have days where we just want to stay home and so I try to honour these feelings of his as I would my own.

The three of us went out for a walk bright and early this morning. We didn't have a destination in sight but soon found ourselves discovering a walking trail in the local area that we didn't even know was there. We didn't walk much of the route on this given day, but I did do some research on the walking trail once home and have found out more about it - length, terrain, destination etc. We definitely hope to be returning there when we are much more prepared & equipped for a trail walk.

At breakfast time today Alexander asked to do some cloud watching in the garden (which I happily agreed to) having noticed a T-rex shape in the clouds out of the window, however less than an hour later we were greeted with a clear blue sky, not a cloud in sight. We have said we will be sure to do some cloud watching another day... It isn't likely to be in the coming days though as we have been forecast some beautiful weather for this last little bit of time before school is back for the autumn term... Which is great for us as we have something fun coming up this new week; ticking off the last item on Alexander's summer wish list. 


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