August 19, 2019

Summer Holiday Diary | Week 4

Monday is usually library day (as mentioned in the last three of these posts), however having just gotten back from our short trip to the West Midlands the night before, today was definitely one for settling down, decompressing and being in our own surroundings.

At the safari park on Friday Alexander was allowed one souvenir type item from the gift shop - he picked an animal excavation set; he has had one of these sets before, a dinosaur fossil one, and really enjoyed it. The new set came with two excavation sites and so we did both - one in the morning & one in the afternoon - with a Sika Deer being in one and a Giraffe in the other. Alexander also spent a good amount of time today with the colouring book that came with this set, colouring in a handful of animals... Both Nathan & I were surprised at how busy this kept him, as he is usually more in to drawing than colouring.

Nathan is off work still, and so it has been nice to have him around for more days. Him & Alexander really enjoyed listening to some music today, with Alexander dancing along.

Today we celebrated Nathan's birthday. We keep birthdays quite small & simple in our household; the person whose birthday it is gets to pick an outing/activity. This year Nathan wanted to go to a nearby dessert restaurant, so that's what we did. Alexander & I shared an M&M waffle and it was delicious!

A super stormy day today with much wind & rain. Nathan returned to work today also, so its back to just me & Alexander until the weekend now.

We headed out to the library this morning to tick two more books off of Alexander's reading challenge, as well as borrow new books of course... I got a couple myself too. We also watched another episode of Blue Planet, at Alexander's request.

Well, the not so great weather was back again today - with a weather warning in place for rain here where we live - so Alexander & I pretty much hibernated... This involved puzzles, reading and watching more Blue Planet.

Alexander acted out a story he made up - sailing the seas in a cardboard box, he dived in with a little shark using his wetsuit, and then soon boarded his boat again to confer with his map as to his route: he was attempting to get to Africa. After so deliberation it turned out the route to Africa meant crossing some deadly sea and he didn't want to do that, so changed route, heading to the Arctic instead. Upon making it there he drove a sled pulled by huskies and saw all sorts of wildlife. He then boarded his boat again and headed to the opposite end of the world - the Antarctic. Lucky for him, his diving wetsuit also doubled as an icesuit, so he wouldn't get cold there. Boarding his boat once more, he made the journey back to Wales just in time for dinner... Concluding with 'what an adventure I had'.

Waking to the sound of fierce wind & falling rain (which I actually do enjoy the sound of), I thought today would be another stuck indoors, however the dreary weather did clear quite early and the three of us went out for a walk - to the canal, suggested by Nathan. A good walk, much needed, although the wind was still pretty wild at times. 

The rain was back and so we spent today at home - a good portion of the time was spent doing individual activities, but it is nice knowing that the others are there y'know. Alexander & I watched another episode of Blue Planet, which means we have now completed that series.


  1. ...sadly summer will soon come to an end.

  2. Hi Jade, after last weeks rain I hope you are enjoying the better weather that has been forecast? It sounds like you are having some lovely quality time together and it's nice that Alexander is so into the natural world... I ever knew that dessert restaurants were a thing! It's a dream come true!


    1. Thank you, Deb.

      The weather has been patchy here in Wales (nothing new haha), but we have had beautiful sunshine over this bank holiday weekend.

      Haha - yes! Thankfully, our local dessert restaurant isn't all that local... Moderation can be hard to practice sometimes :-P

      I hope you are well and that summer has been treating you kindly.


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