August 14, 2019

Summer Holiday Diary | Week 3

The start of the week means a trip to the library for us. We walk there & back (only about 15 minutes or so each way), but our actual time spent in the library today was shorter than usual due to some rather large looming grey clouds... Alexander had his raincoat, but I did not. We borrowed some books & Alexander now has his second book ticked off for the challenge.

In the afternoon, with rain now falling, Alexander was keen to make a cosy den he'd seen pictured in one of his Peter Rabbit books, and so we worked on that.

The rain from yesterday continued today, with a lot more force - it was absolutely pouring down. I feel like we had the exact same weather last Tuesday also. 

Given this, today was one full of drawing for Alexander and organising & decluttering for me (especially Alexander's room whilst he wasn't playing in it). I've said it before, but once Alexander gets going with his drawings, he will stay there as long as possible, drawing animal scenes and narrating along as he goes.

Nathan has time off work now - from today going into the new week - and so we just spent together as a family at home, for the most part. As you'll see tomorrow, we're off to Birmingham to see Nathan's parents for a few nights, so a lot of today was dedicated to prepping & packing as we'd done none of that.

Being Wednesday, we usually have Alexander's weekly swim lesson today but unfortunately it was cancelled quite last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, which was a shame really as this would have been Nathan's first time coming to the swim lesson... But it just didn't pan out.

Nathan & I celebrated our 8th anniversary as a couple, and 2nd as a married couple, today.

We finished packing the last bits for our trip away this morning, with Alexander watching a marble run competition on YouTube whilst we got on with these tasks. We were actually at home a lot longer than we had anticipated, but were picked up mid afternoon by Nathan's parents with us all making the drive to the West Midlands.

On the journey we saw an interesting rainbow in the sky (it had not been raining), Alexander & I completed some of his sticker book, and we also watched out for motorhomes and caravans.

Alexander was so excited when we got to grandma & grandad's as they had put animal stickers and posters, as well as a world map, on the walls in the spare room he'd be sleeping in. He expressed such joy.

Today was largely spent at West Midlands Safari Park. I know zoos & even aquariums (animals in captivity) in general can be a touchy topic regarding visiting - everyone has there own thoughts and opinions, which I respect entirely. Personally, we do visit such places, but make sure we do our research beforehand regarding the care of the animals and the conservation efforts, and also make a point of not watching any specific animal performances whilst there. As I said, I know its a personal thing, and viewpoints differ person to person, but I thought I'd just share our stance on it.

We started with the safari drive through area, passing through various areas (such as African plains, Asia Lowlands etc) with a variety of animals roaming, which we completed in about an hour & a half. After the drive through, we parked up and visited the other section of the park. Here Alexander really enjoyed the Land of the Dinosaurs exhibit (so much so we went through it on two separate occasions) and we ate at the Dino Diner (which we would recommend - food was yummy, theming well done, and there was a good selection of meat free options also).

The day itself was a long old one, especially when factoring in the amount of time spent in the car, but all in all, a good family day out.

The first thing we heard from Alexander this morning was him asking to go back to the safari park so he could see his best friend Divey (named by him), the penguin.

Out & about again today, with family visits and a couple of hours spent at Merry Hill, the shopping centre.

We heard about Divey again this morning, and also a number of other animals from the safari park - Alexander drew a couple of pictures this morning of him and his animal friends.

Today was largely spent in the car again today, with the journey home to South Wales from Birmingham being made - we had two stops on route, seeing more of Nathan's family.

Whilst we had a good time away, and it was nice for Nathan to see his extended family, it definitely felt good to be home. After all, there's no place like home.


  1. ...a trip to the library is a great way to start the week!


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