August 05, 2019

Summer Holiday Diary | Week 2

Monday is our library day, so we headed down there this morning and got Alexander's first book for the reading challenge ticked off. Whilst walking there we pass through an area with a large number of trees, whilst on this path Alexander decided we were in the jungle, imagining all manner of animals you might see in such a habitat. I just love his imagination.

This afternoon we popped to my mum's for a couple of hours in order to see my nephew there for his birthday (he turns 8 tomorrow, however he is off out for the day to a theme park on his actual birthday). It was nice seeing him & my sister as we hadn't seen them in a little while.

Today was a super rainy one, keeping us at home all day due to the heavy nature of the rain. The day passed well though, with various activities, mostly playing. One of the things we did was drawing dinosaur scenes using a dinosaur drawing book Alexander has (it shows you how to draw a variety of dinosaurs step by step); we both made sea scenes on our respective papers. We also had an interesting chat about clouds, with Alexander telling me to watch clouds closely because "if you look at them closely there are amazing shapes there like animals and ships".

It was a quiet one today: we had an errand to run in the village this morning, but other than that we whiled away time at home (playing, drawing, reading library books etc) before heading out to swimming late afternoon/early evening.

We went for a walk this morning, led by Alexander, who opted to take us on a route he loves to vehicle spot on. We saw a great number of vehicles including a purple car, a noisy motorbike, a number of crane trucks, a food delivery van, many lorries, and up in the sky a helicopter (much to Alexander's delight). It was a good little walk.

Alexander got creative today and made us a 'cinema' in his bedroom (I'm guessing he was inspired by the fact that we're going to the cinema tomorrow). It was like no other cinema I had been to before - with a playpark, a place to sleep, and a gift shop on the way out. Me and the other customers (his animal toy figures) were there to see a film called 'Marble Chase' - a marble run he built with different animals chasing after the marbles. Alexander really enjoyed showing off his cinema and all its features, as well the film... One thing was missing, the cinema snacks!

The three of us went to the cinema today to see The Lion King remake. We all really enjoyed it and agreed on it being one of those films that would translate better in the cinema, than just at home on a DVD/Netflix (how we tend to watch a lot of films). Visually a stunning film, we loved the songs, and how realistic the animals interacted & behaved, as well as the fact that the story itself remained quite true.

Today was a home day, resting & relaxing before the new week ahead.


  1. ...reading and an imagination go hand and hand!

  2. Hi Jade, seeing the world through the eyes of a young child is probably the best anti-aging practice out there or that should be it erases the wrinkles they've helped to produce. They see things so differently, but no snacks at a cinema is a big no-no!... I used to love days at home with the children, especially in summer when the pressure to go swimming was strong.


    1. Lovely to hear from you, Deb - I hope you are well!

      Haha! Yes, children definitely give you a new perspective on the world.


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