July 29, 2019

Summer Holiday Diary | Week 1

I've decided to record this summer for us by writing a little weekly entry. School is now finished for the academic year here in the UK, with Alexander's school returning the very first week of September. 

We have a few plans for over the summer holidays, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming family time. These posts are just a small snippet of how we spend our days - not a detailed account - with little moments & memories I'd like to remember.

On the first day of the school holidays we always go and sign up for the summer reading challenge at our local library - this will be Alexander's 4th year taking part. The challenge requires the child to read six books over the summer period, encouraging reading as well as regular usage of the library & its services. The same challenge is run throughout all the libraries in the UK, with this year it being space themed. 

As well as walking to the library and borrowing books, we popped to my mum's on the way home, spent some time colouring a dinosaur Alexander drew (prior to going to the library whilst waiting for the rain to clear up), and had some fun with imaginative play - Alexander being a space elf who is accused of being a santa elf. 

We started our day reading an informational animal book - Alexander loves learning about animals, and absorbs facts about a wide variety of animals so easily. Later on in this day, when doing something else animal related, Alexander commented "I'm like a documentary" referring to his animal knowledge, which did make me chuckle. 

A walk along the canal path was enjoyed by both of us this morning - there was lots of life about which Alexander kept commenting on (insects, birds, fish etc). We made a short stop at the small park on route home (I had offered to take Alexander to the big park today, but he asked to go to the canal instead). 

Today was the hottest day of the year we've had so far here where we live in South Wales, with high temperature being 30 degrees. For us, that is HOT!

Another hot day today, although a little cooler than yesterday. We spent some time in the back garden today - watching the fish in our pond - and Alexander did some scooter riding up and down the back lane behind our house. We're trying to make sure we get out each day, but the heat is definitely hindering the length of time we spent outdoors; the hot weather is not our favourite, I have to say. I've been doing the tactic of venturing out in the morning, so we're back home by peak sun time, although today we did also go out late afternoon/early evening in order to attend Alexander's weekly swimming lesson.

Lego and marble run were shown a lot of love today. Also, we had a picnic on the living room floor - this was originally planned as an outdoor one, however today it was much like Monday: too hot! Today was recorded as the hottest day of the year.

We woke to a more typical Welsh landscape today (see pictured below), although being that it is summer it was still a warm day - quite muggy actually - and the sky cleared by afternoon. Errands needed doing today out & about, and a good old house clean on was on the to do list also. Alexander is pretty good at entertaining himself, and today he did do a fair bit of that to be honest.

We all agreed on having a homey day today - the three of us, as now its the weekend Nathan is off work for these two days. Reading was enjoyed, animal documentaries were watched, and we also baked some biscuits (Alexander enjoyed getting involved with the measuring & mixing).

The three of us went for a morning walk today, with the plan being to pop in to the big park before heading on up to feed the ducks at a local pond - and we did just that. Lovely day for a walk (warm with a breeze).



  1. It sounds like you had a lovely first week of the holidays despite the very hot weather. We are just starting our summer holidays and like you we are planning a trip to the library to start the readig challenge. Enjoy the rest of the summer x

    1. Thanks, Angela. I hope you have a wonderful summer and that the kids enjoy the reading challenge!

  2. ...you sure pack a lot into your days! Enjoy your summer.

  3. Love that bumble bee and the Welsh weather - I understand that the weather has been very hot. Hope the readings go well.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Yes, the weather has been pretty unbearable all over the world at the moment. Such a shame.

      Thank you - I hope you've had a wonderful week!


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