June 21, 2019

Snippets & Snapshots | Spring

With the shift into a new season now, I'm taking the time to look back on the season that has been and documenting a little of how spring treated us.

Day to day life has been going well for us all - of course we have our ups & downs as anyone does - but we're all in really good places right now and thriving with the routine and pace at which we live our lives. 

Alexander has added two milestones to his childhood this spring, by losing his two front teeth on the bottom - the first tooth was knocked at school which set it wobbling, and the second was pushed out by his adult tooth growing fast behind it - and also starting swimming lessons. I've had in mind to put Alexander into swimming lessons this spring for a good while now, and am so happy to have done it now. Whilst he was definitely weary at first, and lacks confidence in the water a little still even now, it has been encouraging seeing his confidence grow week after week, and the progression he has made in the short time he has been there is wonderful. Being able to swim is such an important skill & ability to have in life I think, and I'm thankful we're able to access weekly sessions for Alexander.

What with school holidays, Easter weekend, and bank holidays, we've had lots of time together as a family this spring, as opposed to the usual two day weekend, and it has been wonderful to come together and have that extra time. We've tried to spend a good amount of that time outdoors where possible (we've been very fortunate with the weather), and enjoy the transformation of spring in both landscape and wildlife.

The Easter holidays were the first to arrive, with a two week break from school. In the run up to Easter weekend itself, Alexander and I made nest cakes, which I feel like are a staple of childhood baking; they were super tasty and mine went down well with a cup of tea.

Easter weekend itself was lovely - glorious sunshine, and we made the most of it! On the Sunday, so Easter itself, we took to the garden and basked out there. Nathan & Alexander set up a marble run using Alexander's car tracks and other items, with which Alexander had lots of fun playing with his marbles that we got him for Easter (Alexander gets plenty of chocolate from family members over Easter, so we tend to not get him a chocolate egg ourselves).

On the bank holiday Monday, we headed out on an afternoon walk and enjoyed a wander with the warmth of sunshine on our skin (which was slathered in sun cream mind you). Alexander wanted to be the leader on this walk, and he led us to one of my favourite areas at this time of year: a little hidden away forested area which transforms in spring with an abundance of bluebells; this sight brings me such joy. I actually didn't bring my camera on this outing (I think I've touched upon previously this year about how I'm trying to be more in the moment), and it was wonderful just soaking everything up with my senses, and not through the camera lens. Having now been getting out & about without my camera as often, I can feel a difference between walks with & without a camera. Of course they both have benefits, and I love photographing, but I find I feel more contentment when wandering (with & without my family) camera free. Which is interesting... To me anyway!

Of course all our time isn't spent outdoors; indoor activities are greatly enjoyed also. We've had a trip to the cinema (we saw Lego Movie 2), as well as a movie afternoon at home (Alexander loves these), and have also enjoyed the regular assortment of games, and Lego building, and reading of books, and drawing (Alexander is very into drawing at the moment; he could spent hours sitting at the table and narrating the scene as he draws away).

Not too long after the Easter school holidays, the first bank holiday weekend of May arrived. We enjoyed a lovely walk along the canal path, with Alexander bringing his scooter along. We traversed a good distance of the path, and it felt like a wonderful spring day. We spotted little fluffy baby ducklings on route as well as sheep and lamb - Alexander has been asking when the sheep would be back in the field that sits along the canal route, and so he was happy to see them.

Concluding the spring season was the May half term, which started off with the second bank holiday weekend of the month. Once again, we enjoyed a canal walk as family (can you tell we enjoy walking there!). We walked the same route as last time, just without Alexander's scooter this time, and using our good old fashioned legs. Currently we walk to the same specific point each time - we call it the troll bridge - and then turn back on ourselves to make the return journey. I think one of the reasons we enjoy walking this route so much is because of the feeling and atmosphere; although running through some quite busy & bustling towns and villages, you feel enveloped in the trees overhead; cocooned almost. On this particular walk we saw the sheep once again, as well as horse, heron, duck families, damselflies and many more insects also.

During half term we also enjoyed another at home cinema afternoon (Alexander picked Peter Pan to watch), read, put together puzzles, had fun with Play-Doh making food shaped items, took a trip to the library, coloured in Alexander's drawings, got creative with Lego, played at the park, ventured to the explore the forest area near our old house, and we also went to feed the ducks up at the duck pond.

Spring has been kind to us, in many ways, and I look forward to seeing what summer holds. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming season!


  1. ...lots of nice spring sights and your little man sure is getting BIG!

  2. Spring is my favorite time of year with flowers poking their heads out of the ground and flowering trees like your photos. I'm glad it was a good time for your family - wishing you a beautiful summer!

    1. Thank you, Carol. Spring is definitely a beautiful time of year; I can see why its your favourite.

  3. Wonderful photos and I just love those marbles. I think more kids should have marbles these days :)

    1. Definitely! Alexander can spend ages occupied with marbles - building runs & sorting them into groups etc.


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