May 24, 2019

Day In The Life | Spring

Since the beginning of my time blogging I have loved capturing the everyday moments of life - the little things are often less memorable than the big ones, however those day to day moments are things I want to treasure also. One of the ways I do that here on Captured by Jade is via my 'Day In The Life' posts; previously I have shared these monthly, but am now moving to a seasonal basis. 

Here is a day in our life this spring.

Our alarm goes off. Well, Nathan's alarm, but I get up with it also... Often marginally before Nathan does.

I'm up and dressed and ready to exercise. I've really been trying to incorporate more regular exercise into my life, not just walking as a form as exercise. I have a lot of aches & pains for a 27 year old (which, alongside doctors, I am trying to get to the bottom of), so by exercising more I'm not only being more active but I'm trying to strengthen by body also. 

Personally, I find setting out my exercise bits the night before (clothes & equipment) helps to me get up and get it done a lot easier.

Exercise and stretches complete. After my exercise I sit on my mat a little longer and try to have some mindful minutes in which I reflect and give thanks for all that I have. I follow this up by writing down the little positives from the previous day that I found joy in or things I'm grateful for. Although seemingly a small thing, I find completing this five minute positive project really helps me to get my day off to a good start and with the right mindset.

Sitting down with Nathan, drinking a cup of tea, we spend some time conversing before he is off to work for the day. Alexander gets himself up soon after Nathan has left. 

After some morning chat with Alexander, in which I finish up my tea, we head to the kitchen together to make breakfast.

We're both sitting down at the table to eat now. I ask Alexander if he has anything he wants to talk about this morning, to which he replies with 'I do love a little chat, but not today', and then very soon after proceeds to talk about all sorts of things - the show he watched yesterday (Little Einstein), things that fly, and also singing a song about the seasons.

I've finished my breakfast now and so I spend some time catching up on the news + checking the weather whilst Alexander finishes up.

Alexander has finished breakfast now. 

Imaginative as always, Alexander now takes us on an adventure in a hang glider. We visit a rainforest, followed by a watering hole full of animals in Africa, and conclude our trip by visiting the arctic. What a morning!

Time for us to freshen up and start getting ready for the day - this includes getting ourselves clean & changed, packing Alexander's lunch for school, and readying all things for me to head straight out after having dropped Alexander off at school.

We're all ready now, with a little time to spare. Alexander was actually ready before me, and so he has been playing with his animal toys and continues to do so whilst I write up a few notes for this DITL post. We'll be leaving very soon for the school drop off.

With Alexander now at school, I'm on the bus (one of many journeys today) heading into our nearest main town, which is roughly a little over twenty minutes away.

One day a week I spend a few hours in the morning volunteering in a charity shop. I have been doing this since the end of last year, and love being able to give my time to a cause & charity that I feel connected to. Also, retail is the industry I have always worked, prior to becoming a stay at home mum, and I really enjoy being back in a working environment - even if just for a few hours. 

Volunteering. There is always something to be doing in the shop; we have a high footfall with both customers and people donating stock.

I actually found a book about growing your own fruit & veg at volunteering today, which I was happy to come across as I have been wanting to research that more this summer. We're looking to start our own little patch in the garden, but the space is quite small, and so this book is perfect for that. 

Having now finished up at volunteering, I head to the supermarket to pick up a few bits before making the journey back home. On the way in the supermarket, I actually saw my brother who was on his way out... He tagged along with me, we had a good catch up, before heading home; we were going in the same direction so caught the same bus home.

Home now. I sit down to have lunch: vegetable soup.

Having made myself a cup of tea, I sit down for a little relax as this will be one of the few times I get to sit down before the evening. I spend this time watching an episode of the boxset I'm currently working my way through.

I have now picked Alexander up from school, and we are back home... For now. 

Today is the day Alexander has his weekly swimming lesson, so we have a bit of a rushed time between school pick up and getting to swim class. Alexander gets changed and has his dinner (much earlier than usual due to the timings of everything), and whilst he is eating I do the drying up from yesterday whilst also getting on with the washing up from today.

We now leave to catch the bus to the local leisure centre. The timings of the bus mean we are often a little early, too early to get changed in swim bits and are waiting around, so we often sit at a table and Alexander does drawing as I bring along paper and pencils in my bag. We tend to get changed about ten minutes before his class starts, and also Alexander picks a snack from the vending machine that he will eat on the way home.

Alexander's swim lesson.

End of swim. 

Back home now, much earlier today than other days. The timing of the bus meant that the one we caught was actually running late, but good for us as it meant we were able to catch that one as opposed to waiting the usual twenty minutes that we do for the next one.

Knock, knock, knock at the door - Nathan is now home too. He is also home earlier than usual, as he got a lift home with a colleague. 

I was just about to get started on making mine & Nathan's dinner, however we decide to have fish & chips instead (although no fish for me, as I don't eat meat). Nathan had been talking about chip shop yesterday, and so we were feeling that. He'll pop out later to pick it up as on this day we typically eat after Alexander has gone to bed. On regular days, without swimming after school, Alexander & I usually eat dinner together and Nathan eats the same meal (left in the microwave) when he gets home. Although I do miss eating my dinner with Alexander, it is also nice to be able to eat with Nathan some evenings too.

After some family time, Nathan heads out to the chip shop and Alexander & I have a little evening cwtch. Prior to this I did also call the leisure centre, as Alexander left his googles poolside, however they were unable to find them so that'll be a new pair next week.

Alexander asks to get ready for bed a little earlier than usual, stating that he used all his energy up at swimming. So the bedtime routine begins.

With Alexander now in bed, and Nathan back from the chip shop, the two of us sit down to dinner and catch up on a couple of videos we watch together on YouTube.

Feeling rather sleepy, I prepare for bed with the intention of reading some of my book before falling asleep.

Honestly, it is still light & bright outside, but I put on my sleep mask and am off for the night. I picked up my book, but barely managed a page before deciding to call it a night.


  1. Hello Jade, I followed with interest every moment of your day, not very different from mine when our son was at that age. (Except in Italy, we would pick pizzas for dinner. :)) Alexander sounds very intelligent and cute.
    Volunteering in a charity shop sounds very British... and something I would probably enjoy very much too.
    Happy Sunday and happy spring!

    1. Ah, thank you Sara. Pizza sounds pretty good too - haha!

      I hope spring is treating you kindly :-)

  2. pack a lot into a day, I'm glad that you are young and full of energy!

    1. Haha - thank you, Tom. This is definitely the busiest day within our week.


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