March 24, 2019

Snippets & Snapshots | Winter

With March now here, I thought it was time to sit down and reflect upon the season of winter we have just experienced.

I don't dislike winter, in fact I'd rank it as my third favourite season (autumn, spring, winter, summer), however due to the factors such as temperature, shorter days, and the season itself spanning into a new year, I think it can often feel like such a long period of time, and I find myself willing it away by the end of it. I don't want to will away any time in life, but I'm sure you understand what I mean - come mid to late January, I'm just so ready for spring.

This winter begun much the same as many for us, finding ourselves slowing down on our weekends more, preparing to cocoon away for the winter almost.

And of course celebrating Christmas too - which I wrote a whole separate post about.

As we headed into the new year, we all reflected upon the year we'd had and spoke about some of our favourite memories from 2018 (Nathan's favourite memories were of family walks along our local canal path, whilst Alexander & I both shared our family holiday to Tenby as a favourite - Alexander specifying the boat trip we went on whilst there, and for me it was our arrival day when we went down to the beach impromptu, exploring and paddling in the water), as well as our individuals hopes for 2019.

The end of the year also sees the Christmas break from school. During this time Alexander & I made a point of getting outside each and every day, even just for some time spent in the garden. One particular woodland walk sticks out in my mind: we headed to our local forestry area and found ourselves on a dinosaur adventure, where Alexander's imagination truly came to life - hiding from a T-rex, spying herds of herbivore dinosaurs grazing, and more. It was a lot of fun and a treasured moment. I don't have any photos of these outdoor adventures of ours, as something I'm really trying to do more of in 2019 is be present & in the moment, not just behind the camera.

Although out for some fresh air each and every day, we also enjoyed a number of indoor activities during the Christmas break too - including making play-doh pizzas, building marble runs, and digging for dinosaur fossils. We've been loving creative activities like these all winter long really, with Lego being another activity that a lot of time has gone into also. Alongside the creative hobbies, Alexander and I have also been steadily working our way through our first chapter book series together: Zoe's Rescue Zoo. With regards to screens, alongside his usual cartoons, we've watched a good few nature documentaries this winter also, with us both really enjoying Frozen Planet & Wild Alaska on Netflix (both the polar regions and Alaska are places that greatly interest us). Alexander absolutely loves watching nature & wildlife documentaries... We've already moved on to some new ones!

Returning to school after an extended school holiday wasn't really an easy thing, as I had suspected. Alexander thrives in school, however actually getting him in school can be challenging at times as he still finds it to be quite long & tiring. Needless to say, he was looking forward to the next upcoming school holiday of February half term!

Before the arrival of the school holidays, a snow day was had. Here in Wales, February began with a blanket of white coating our landscape. I know some places in the UK experienced a good few days of snow this winter, with it causing chaos (as is always the case when snow falls here!), however here we had just the one day, a brief snow spell really. Nathan was off to work like usual on this day, but Alexander & I got ourselves out bright & early to make the most of the snow day. Alexander made snow angels, we took a little walk locally to see the snow levels and such, before returning back home for a mini snowball fight in the garden. We loved it! Alexander had been asking for snow all winter, so it was lovely seeing him enjoying the snow full of delight.

February arrived with a cold spell, and concluded with warm sunshine and glorious blue skies - just in time for the beginning of the February half term. With the unseasonably warm weather (worrying really), much time was spent outdoors during the week off school, with lots of scooter riding and even a picnic in the garden. As well as making the most of the sunshine & warmth, we also kept amused with our usual indoor activities of Lego (of course), colouring, reading, and had ourselves a movie afternoon too.

Signs of spring have started popping up in many places now, with the most notable being daffodils blooming everywhere - I do love the cheery yellow of a daffodil, and the way in which they signify a seasonal shift.

I hope winter has been kind to you all, and wish you goodness for the new season.


  1. ...Jade, how nice to see your winter scenes and how big you little man has become. Enjoy your day.


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