December 03, 2018

Snippets & Snapshots | Autumn

With the landscape now looking a little bare of the autumnal colour palette, and such a biting chill in the air most days, it is safe to say we're coming to a close on the autumn months. The seasons signify different things to different individuals, and I've definitely come to realise that in our household it means the beginning of hunkering down, with plenty of cosy home days and weekends spent cocooned in the house as a family of three. Don't get me wrong, we've enjoyed a good few walks and have immersed ourselves in all that autumn brings, but we're definitely preparing for winter now.

Autumn has been a season of change for us in our day to day lives - with the three of us all starting a new chapter, separately, but together also. Nathan has moved up within the company he works for, now working the role of team leader; this is something Nathan has been working towards for a good little while now, and it is amazing seeing him strive and thrive in his work life, accomplishing goals he has set out for himself. Alexander began full time school in September, and despite still not wanting to head in most mornings (he doesn't like the long days), he is doing so well with schooling, having had an incredibly positive teacher-parent consultation. As for myself, I have started to volunteer one day a week at a local charity shop, and I definitely feel it has given me the direction and purpose I needed, when feeling a little lost initially with Alexander beginning full time school.

At the start of November Alexander turned five, and was treated to a day out at the dinosaur park with grandma & grandad. He loved the dinosaur park and now wants to be a dinosaur keeper at the dinosaur park! We celebrate birthdays quite small, with it being a family affair, and Alexander had a wonderful day. He also ended up with 3 cakes - one of which was for school. We were definitely all caked out by the end of the week though!

As I mentioned above, we have started to spend a good deal of time at home, and this has seen Alexander grow and develop interests in many ways also - in particular he has really been working on his drawing, something he can spend hours sitting and doing; perfectly content. He has such an imagination, and loves drawing animal and dinosaur scenes, with this recently starting to encompass adding words to his pictures too. He sits at the table and narrates away all about what he is drawing. Looking at drawings from the start of autumn to the end, now, you can see such a progression and he really takes care in this hobby of his. Alexander definitely gets his artistic talents & interests from Nathan, not me!

Lego has been a big thing in our house this autumn - we've all gotten in to it!

For now we have started to slow down and prepare for the winter ahead... And more specifically, the upcoming arrival of Christmas. The countdown is on now!

Looking ahead! Wishing you all a wonderful winter - I hope it proves to be a kind one.


  1., your little man is getting so BIG! 5 already.

  2. All sounds lovely and cosy Jade! Alexander is so similar to Pip, bet they'd play together with Lego and dinosaurs for hours if we lived closer to one another :) Happy 5th birthday to Alexander also, he looks so big now! Glad you are enjoying the volunteering, always nice to have a change from the usual routine. In this weather slowing down sounds like a good plan. Wishing you all the best for this month & beyond. Polly x

    1. Haha - I bet they would! Thank you... It is crazy how fast time flies; 5 already?!

      Thank you! I'm really enjoying the volunteering, and although only one day a week, I love that not only am I giving my time to a cause I'm passionate about, but also that I feel like I'm on a path now and there is a sense of direction.

      Ah, wishing you a wonderful month in December x

  3. Beautiful photos <3 It's a lovely little snapshot into your life. Well done all of you! Have an amazing 2019.
    Jasmine Aurora xo

    1. Thank you, Jasmine. A wonderful 2019 to you also!


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