December 17, 2018

Walk With Me | December

We had woken to crystal strewn roofs and a distinct chill, needing to bundle up in the winter woollies before leaving the house, and even then the cold touched our cheeks and nose in such a way they stung. You know that kind of morning...? It is my favourite of all winter mornings - fresh and frosty. With a steady foot needed due to the overnight frost, I went for a morning walk.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures, and the beauty of nature!


  1. Beautiful photo's Jade, I love these Winter mornings they never fail to put me in a great mood.

  2. ...number three is the winner for me, that's take a walk again.

    1. Our next walk won't be until the new year now, Tom - look forward to it!

  3. Wonderful photos, Jade!
    I love frost too - fortunately, because our winter is usually rather cold. :)
    Today I start visiting blogs and wishing Merry Christmas...
    but I'll try to visit you again before the festivities.
    Have a happy week!

    1. Haha - fortunate indeed. I do love your winter captures.

      Ah, thank you, Sara. A Merry Christmas to you also... And wonderful days to come.


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