December 29, 2018

Snippets & Snapshots | Christmas

And just like that, we're done with Christmas for another year.

Today I thought I'd sit down and document (in photos + words) a little from the festive season that we've just enjoyed... Not only Christmas Day itself, but the prep & countdown also. 

We put our Christmas decorations up earlier than usual this year, only due to timings with a conflicting event Nathan had going on, but as always it was a family affair. Our tree may not often look the most aesthetic, but I love that it is put together with love & care as well as featuring handmade and meaningful decorations - most of which are made at school, but we painted a few at home this year also. We don't go all out with our decorating, keeping it quite simple, however we do have a couple of decorative trinkets dotted throughout the living/dining room (we have an open plan area) including the advent calendar that we've pulled out every year since I decorated it three years ago now - I'm surprised its still going strong!

In the run up to Christmas Alexander enjoyed and took part in many Christmas related activities with school, including a fun & festive day at a nearby farm where Alexander enjoyed meeting Santa & seeing reindeer, as well as a class Christmas party, a day in which they got to where Christmas jumpers and perhaps most importantly of all, putting on a Christmas concert for family & friends. Alexander was a shepherd in the Christmas concert this year, and absolutely loved learning all the new songs that went along with the plot of the show. The kids put on an amazing nativity-esque concert.

Something we were very keen to do this year, now that he is of a proper age to understand, was take Alexander along whilst giving to others who are perhaps less fortunate than us - we completed some food shopping for the local food bank, donating it in a drop off box at the supermarket. I think next year we would also like to take part in a toy appeal, as well as food donations. Of course it is thoughtful to give year round, and this is something we're happy Alexander is now old enough to understand and take part in alongside us.

Films, crafts and books also helped us to get into the festive spirit - Alexander loved decorating a couple of Christmas tree decorations, as well as sticker book fun. We didn't watch nearly enough Christmas films this year, dropping the ball on that front, however the ones we did watch were greatly enjoyed. I also read a couple of seasonally appropriate books.

Family visits are always interesting in the run up to Christmas, what with timings and seeing who when etc. We ended up seeing my dad (up from London) and Nathan's parents (over from Birmingham) both in the same weekend, which was A LOT but lovely at the same time. With my mum living in Wales, just down the road from us, it is a lot easier to see her - she came over on Christmas Eve, and we saw my older sister and nephew on Boxing Day. We always keep Christmas Day itself to just the three of us - we find this suits all of us perfectly. 

For us, Christmas Eve is almost as equally important as Christmas Day itself, and a lot of our festivities begin then. As well as seeing my mum and other family members on Christmas Eve, we baked cookies for Santa (and of course many extras for ourselves - hehe), and ate our traditional Christmas roast (although meat free). Christmas Eve was lovely this year due to the fact that Nathan had been able to book it off work, as opposed to working a half day like he has in previous years. In the evening, we sat and watched The Polar Express, enjoyed hot chocolates (Alexander's first ever!), tracked Santa via Google Maps, left out milk & cookies, and read The Night Before Christmas before tucking Alexander in to bed for the night. 

This Christmas Day was perhaps one of the smoothest we've ever had! I don't know about other people's kids, but Alexander isn't someone who likes opening all the presents, so this year we split the presents into three separate increments of time, and the whole process went really well. We were able to enjoy and appreciate the things we received from our loved ones; everyone was so kind, generous and thoughtful. Some of Alexander's favourite presents included Marble Run (the game), many dinosaur Lego sets, and an extension to a car track he already has and loves. 

Much of our Christmas Day was spent enjoying the company of one another, whilst also trying out a lot of our new things, and eating plenty of good food. We opt to have party food nibbly bits on Christmas Day itself, as opposed to a roast, as I feel like it means less time spent in the kitchen and more time together as a family - it takes a little pressure off the cook (aka: me).

I actually didn't end up taking too pictures on Christmas Day itself, getting swept up into all that was going on - being present and enjoying the moments.
All in all, the Christmas period was a wonderful one - I hope & wish you can say the same, however you spent the holiday season.



  1.'s good to see that you had a merry Christmas. Sending you wishes for a Happy New Year.

    1. Many thanks, Tom.

      The best of new year's to you also!


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