November 26, 2018

Day In The Life | November

Each month I document one day from said month, with the aim of capturing some of the ordinary moments that could easily be forgotten otherwise.

For the month of November I've documented a pretty normal day for us - last Tuesday. The day itself started out well, but as with all days it had its ups and downs. In these day in the life posts, I aim to be honest and authentic whilst maintaining a privacy level, especially with regards to things Alexander may find embarrassing once older. The evening of this specific day didn't end too well, with regards to behaviour, and in making note of times like this I try to write candidly, but wording things well. Everybody has a bad days - children & adults alike. After five years of being a parent, I feel like I'm well and truly in the groove it, however some rollercoaster days are HARD regardless.

Awake. Nathan is up and about before me today - a new normal for us since the start of this month. Nathan has moved into a new role (team leader) within the company he works for, with a lot more day to day tasks and responsibilities, so whilst in this new phase of learning the role and adapting, he likes to head in earlier to get a head start on the day. This means catching the first bus of the morning... Which means an even earlier start for him than before. 

Downstairs now, I prepare lunch for both Nathan and Alexander, and also makes our a hot drink for both Nathan & I. 

After our tea and morning chat, Nathan has headed off to work and I have a little down time before Alexander gets up - I use this time to read.

Alexander is up.

We sit down to breakfast. Alexander was a good kitchen helper this morning - filling his cup with water, pouring milk on my cereal (he has his own dry, not liking soggy cereal) and being helpful bringing the breakfast components to the table. Alexander is enjoying more and more assisting in the kitchen. 

At breakfast time we talk about how lions hunt, about how the temperature is dropping so it'll be colder now and not long until winter is here, and I tell Alexander that I love our breakfast times of a morning. He responds by saying how he loves lunchtimes - I ask if he means at school with his friends? He says nooooooo, on the weekends with my family. <3

I've finished breakfast and Alexander is still eating. Nathan has arrived at work by this point.

Whilst Alexander continued to eat, I got on with some preparations for school - putting Alexander's lunchbox in his lunch bag, filling up his water bottle, getting snack money sorted, and also completing a school trip form. They are going on a Christmas trip next month to a farm. When I was filling out the form Alexander had questions about the trip and asked if I'd been to that farm before - I said no, I hadn't. He said, what about when you was little? I explained that I lived in London, not Wales, when I was little, so yes I went on school trips to farms but not ones in Wales. He then wanted to know all about the farms in London I have been to.

Dressed and ready for school, we sit down to read Alexander's reading book & do his flashcards one last time before being due back in today.

Walk to school - it's a scarf, hat and gloves kind of morning!

Home. First things first: I get into my comfies. I'm very much someone who wears lounge clothes around the house. Next, time to start ticking off the to dos for the day.

My Tuesday job is cleaning the upstairs, which is actually just the bedrooms (our bathroom is downstairs), including changing the beds. So I stripped the beds of sheets, got a load of those in the washing machine (I'll have 4 washing loads in total today), then left the beds to air whilst I folded Alexander's washing (that was washed yesterday). After this I returned to the bedrooms and completed my cleaning and making of the beds.

After my little power hour of cleaning, I decide to sit down with a cup of tea and catch up on some YouTube.

I started to finish up a blog post I was wanting to publish today on my reading blog. I had written the main body of the post, but I needed to take a picture and also proofread before sharing. Doing so, that meant another to do ticked off. 

During this time also a man came and picked up our charity donations that I had - books, clothes, toys etc. I routinely declutter our home, and when it gets to a sizeable amount I donate it all. The fact that the charity shop we donate to has a pick up service is super helpful for us as we don't drive, so I really appreciate that.


The food shopping delivery arrived, nice and early (time slot of between 12-2). I promptly put it all away.

With the things I had been waiting on completed (the donations pick up and grocery drop off) I consider going for a walk... However, the beautiful blue sky of the morning has disappeared and it definitely looks like its going to rain. So in order to still be active and appease my itchy feet, I decide I'll not chance the rain and do an at home walking workout. Although, having not long eaten, I'll let my food go down before doing that - so I catch up on some more on my YouTube Watch Later.

Walking workout. I like the exercises by Jessica Smith (which I follow via YouTube).

Exercise done and so I get myself cleaned up and changed for the school run... With just enough time to spare for a cuppa before needing to leave.

School run time - of course the rain waiting until now to fall!

Home from picking Alexander up. He didn't eat all of his lunch today - which is unusual for him, but he has got a cold at the moment and I've suspected a loss of appetite over the weekend.

Having had a good chat about our days, and changed into our comfies, Alexander sits down and has some screen time watching a show on the tablet.

After some faffing, I head to the kitchen to prep dinner, dry up yesterday's dishes, and begin doing today's. 

Dinner is served - not the meal I had planned to make, as an item had been substituted on the food shopping, however it was yummy all the same and we tried a food we wouldn't have otherwise. 

Having been fussy with sauce at dinner time, Alexander commenced what I'm going to refer to as a rather emotionally charged hour or so. 

During this time, I managed to finish my dishes and also the last of the four loads of washing I had been doing all day too. 

Bath, book and bed night time routine begins.

Alexander goes to bed - a little earlier than usual, but he definitely needs it! I start to run my own bath after he has gone down to sleep; I'm looking forward to relaxing & unwinding. 

Nathan arrives home from work. Having not been in bed long at all, Alexander is still awake and so Nathan pops in to see him.

After a little catch up with Nathan, I head into my bath. With Epsom salts, to soothe my back ache, and the calming scent of eucalyptus (infused in my Epsom salts & bubble bath) it is safe to say I had the relax I was needing and wanting. 

Nathan had set himself up in bed whilst I was in the bath, watching a show. I join him upstairs, although we still continue with our own individual pursuits - I finished a show I had started the day before and read a little also.

Feeling well and truly done in for the day, I prep for bed and call it a night.


  1. A day filled with many activities large and small

  2. Hi Jade, your morning start sounds lovely. Nice and relaxed. I find reading at that time of day much easier as I can stay awake! Alexander sounds like he is at that inquisitive/ chatty age, which is really cute and tiring. Four washes in one day, that would make me weep! I battle to dry one load a day here in winter.


    1. Reading definitely makes me sleepy too! Haha - yes, you've nailed it on the head with that description Deb; cute & tiring! Ah, we have a tumble dryer, so that makes the washing a lot easier.

      I hope you're doing well :-)

  3. Documenting our everyday life is important, and even more so when there are small children. :)
    There are many lovely things in this post, like your son learning to assist in the kitchen and the charity shop with a pick up service!


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