October 22, 2018

Day In The Life | October

Each month I document one day from said month, with the aim of capturing some of the ordinary moments that could easily be forgotten otherwise.

We're in full swing with our new routine now - Alexander at school full time, Nathan working full time, and with me continuing to be a stay at home mum. In the interest of honesty, adjusting to being a stay at home mum to a primary school aged child (him not being here most of the day) has been a task in itself (given my personality). Finding my footing hasn't been easy, but I'm so thankful and grateful that we are able to continue on this path with one parent being able to stay at home.

The day I'm sharing below is a Friday earlier on in the month.

Alarm gone off - never a pleasant experience in the morning, even when awake before it goes off - and I get myself up for the day. I head downstairs to make lunches and morning tea.

Sitting down, with tea in hand now, I use this time to plan & prep for the day, read over the news, and talk with Nathan (who is now up, dressed and ready for work).

I get Alexander up now, just in time to see Nathan before he goes off to work. Nathan has started leaving a little earlier for work now as he walks to the next town over to catch the bus, as opposed to the stop close to us. Nathan works in an office environment, in quite a sedentary job, and so he has been trying to get in some walking/exercise before work for health reasons really - wanting to be more active.

Breakfast time. Alexander & I talk about how dark it is of a morning currently, and about our plans for the day. Alexander isn't feeling too happy this morning as he wants it to be the weekend already - with the long days at school, he is always counting down to the weekend now!

Time to get ourselves dressed and ready for the day. Alexander isn't the kind of kid that just gets dressed - it is a process! With today it included him telling a story about a giant looking for his lunch (acted out - of course - with big exaggerated fe-fi-fo-fum footsteps).

Ready now, with plenty of time to spare until we need to leave, Alexander picks a couple of his magazines to read before deciding he wants to draw a scene from the magazine he was reading - that's how the remainder of his spare time before school is spent. I potter about picking up around the house a bit, get a load of washing on, and dry the dishes on the draining board.

Having dropped Alexander to school, I head home to do a couple of jobs - order the groceries online, work on finance spreadsheet, etc - before heading back out myself in order to go to my mum's. 

After a good little power walk, I reach my mum's. Tea & a catch up is had - haven't seen her in a while as she has been very busy with extra shifts at work lately. 

Back home now, after power walking back also, and I sit down to my lunch and laptop. We have a no screens at the dining table rule, but when I'm on my own I make an exception. 

Time to get on with the rest of my house jobs for the day - bathroom deep cleaned, laundry needing to be sorted, and a good clean of the lower level of the house as a whole. I always try to have a house reset on a Friday, that way we don't have to worry about many household chores needing doing over the weekend, and we can just focus on family time and activities. These tasks kept me occupied until I had to pick Alexander up from school.

Home from picking Alexander up. He was the dojo winner today - meaning he the got the most points in his class for various things throughout the week (behaviour, learning, being a kind friend, doing the daily mile nicely etc). I know Class Dojo isn't rolled out across all schools in the UK, which is why I've briefly explained it. I think it is a great tool within the school, as parent-teacher communication is a lot better and more effective, as well as it being great for the children with praise via the points.

Having got changed into our comfies, loaded up the washing machine with Alexander's uniform, completed Alexander's homework for the week and having had another read of his weekly reading book from school, we settle down on the sofa for some screen time. Alexander opts to watch Wildlife Quest on Netflix (an animal documentary show aimed at children), and I sit down with a cuppa and a new Disney World vlog (such feel good viewing). I also retrieved a parcel from a neighbour in this time, as I'd missed it whilst out and they hadn't answered on my previous knockings since home - the parcel was book mail, my favourite kind of parcel!

Dinnertime... But only Alexander is eating today as Nathan and I are having a takeaway.

With dinner finished, our evening includes a variety of activities - reading story books together, playing dinosaurs, and Alexander also spends a little bit of time doing drawings. He spends a lot of time drawing lately - it is lovely to see how the drawings have progressed, but storing them all isn't so lovely & easy! During this time Nathan also arrives home from work. 

Time to start the bedtime routine - and after a day of good behaviour, the bedtime routine ends up being pretty problematic. Sigh.

Alexander tucked up in bed now. Nathan and I have set up a little picnic spot in the living room, so we can sit and eat our takeaway and watch the film Wonder (after we finally stopped nattering). I've read the book that the film is based on (one of my all time favourites) and still, it was so sad - but good though also. I love the message behind it. 




  1. ...I hope that the sun shines on you now and then.

    1. Ah, thank you Tom - we've had some glorious sunshine(y) days since this one.

  2. Hi Jade, I curse being an early waker at times, but I the up side is I never use an alarm, so never get rudely awakened... Well done to Nathan for making the effort and waling to the next town to get a bit of exercise. It's all too easy to make excuses not to... A no screens rule at the table is good one, or the art of communicating face to face really will go out the window, but when we are on our own I don't see the harm... Your telly picnic sounds like a nice way to catch-up and relax together. I'm going to check out that film, I've never heard of it (I don't think).


    1. Wonder is a beautiful and poignant film, as is the book.


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