September 13, 2018

Day In The Life | September

Each month I document one day from said month, with the aim of capturing some of the ordinary moments that could easily be forgotten otherwise. 

For the month of September I've taken note of the day that was Alexander's first day of full time school!! He has been going to the nursery in the school he attends for the past year and a half, so he is still with the same peers, and actually also the same teacher, with the big change being the length of time he is there. As with most (or all) schools, there is a transition period for the reception class and so he is doing a shorter day than a regular school day would be.

Thankfully the first full day was quite a hit, especially in terms of a new routine at home... The following days, well, let's not discuss those. There has been a lot of tiredness, understandably so, and our routine has altered ever so slightly. On to the day...

I'm up making lunches as well as a morning cup of tea.

Sit down with my tea and book before getting Alexander up for the day. Nathan is up now also and prepping for work.

Alexander is up. We have morning cuddles and a chat about our nights - sleep well etc. Alexander saw hundreds of owls in his dream.

Nathan leaves for work as Alexander and I sit down to breakfast.

With breakfast now consumed, Alexander heads to get some books so we can read a little before getting ready. One of the books we read is Elmer and the Wind - Alexander wants to fly like Elmer. Lifting him up, I fly him around the living room, and he concludes this by saying 'It's a good day for flying', just as Elmer does in the book.

We get dressed and ready for the day. Of course I attempted to take some obligatory first day of school photos, but Alexander is such a cheese ball and doesn't stay still for two seconds when having photos taken - managed a couple of good ones.

Ready early. Given that we don't live far from the school, and Alexander is due to start a little later what with the transition period, I'm able to get some dishes done and clean the kitchen up before we go.

Having dropped Alexander off, I'm heading off out myself with plans of going to the library a couple of towns over. I thought keeping myself busy would be a good idea on this first day of school, especially as I'm naturally a clock watcher. 

Part of the walk to the library is along the canal path, and it is a lovely day for a walk along there - the kind of day where summer is still holding on. The sky a perfect shade of blue, greens looking lush and vibrant, a gentle breeze meaning lapping water, and wildlife sounds all around. I really enjoyed the walk as a whole; it takes about 45 minutes there (& back obviously) to this library.

I saw my sister whilst in town, who was coincidently going to the library too. We had a chat, browsed the library with some borrows coming home with each of us, popped to a couple of shops and then parted ways as we live in opposite directions.


After pottering, doing a few little jobs around the house mostly, I sit down to lunch. After that I catch up on a couple of YouTube videos and enjoy a cup of tea whilst snacking on chocolate covered sunflower seeds - I can't stop eating these things!

Time to complete some life admin, including a few important phone calls.

With a little under an hour until it is time to pick up Alexander, I work on a few book blog tasks from my to do list. Making good progress ticking everything off today.

Alexander is home - YAY! Having had a snack, and conversation about how his day went, he sits down to watch a couple of shows. Alexander says the first day went well, but is feeling tired, and noted a couple of differences between nursery and reception in terms of how things are done.

With shows finished - he opted to watch Word Party on Netflix - Alexander rushes off to his room to play with his dinosaur friends. 

Time to start cooking dinner - pasta in a tomato sauce with sides of broccoli and garlic bread. Alexander claims this to be one of his favourite meals; mainly because he would live on pasta if he could and because he enjoys garlic bread.


Alexander heads straight upstairs again and soon returns with his picture atlas, but not for us to look through and read together, instead he pores over the book himself making up stories based on the images and countries, occasionally including me in this activity with questions and such. He has quite the imagination and is always curious with questions.

I can't put it off any longer - I do the dinner dishes and restore order in the kitchen. Alexander has his evening milk after this.

Nathan has arrived home now - working a later shift this week - and Alexander's bedtime routine begins. 

Alexander is now tucked up in bed. Nathan & I catch up on our days and talk about a work related thing that is soon to arise for Nathan.

I received some positive and joyful (although a little surprising) news regarding a relative! Today was a good one for positive news - Nathan had some good news also (re: the work related thing that is soon to arise for him).

I take myself off for a bath.

Settle myself in bed with a book, hoping it will lull me off to sleep - I've been having some sleeping issues, stemming from my anxiety, of late.



  1. pack a lot into a day!

  2. We all have so many of these ordinary days - school-work-household chores-other duties... but it's the small, lovely details you noticed and documented that make this day so special... and makes the reader smile.
    Happy weekend to you all!

    1. Ah, thank you Sara.

      I hope you've had a lovely weekend :-)

  3. Hi Jade, your little boy is now a big, little boy and you will get to love those school hours. I've not been to a library in years, which is a shame as it was something I really enjoyed (that and browsing bookshops)... Chocolate covered sunflower seeds? They do sound nice and morish as most things coated in chocolate is (or is that just me?)... If Alexandre is already reading an atlas to himself I'm sure it's a sign of his little mind taking it all in.

    Thank you for popping over and sharing a day in your month with #keepingitreal.


    1. I do love a library (& bookshop) browse. Haha! I totally agree with chocolate covered anything being rather morish, Deb!

      Thank you! I enjoy the linky!


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