June 24, 2018

Walk With Me | June

The photos I'm sharing today were taken earlier on in the month of June (much earlier on). I usually share my 'Walk With Me' photos quite soon after taking them, however knowing I had travel content I was keen to write and share, these photos went on the back burner - I'm happy to be sharing them today though!

Although the weather has been a bit funny this month, I have enjoyed a good few walks - with one along the canal path with my husband being a highlight, and also the walk on which I captured the photos below. On the first Sunday in June I took myself off on an early morning solo power walk, only stopping to take these photos and then soon picking momentum back up. I arrived home feeling like I'd had a really good walk (& exercise even), and also with a much clearer mind; two of the three reasons I love walking so much (the third being taking in the landscape, of course).

On this particular walk it was lovely seeing the ducklings again, having seen them two weeks prior when they were super small, and now looking considerably larger.

Watching wildlife and the seasons transform before your eyes is an amazing thing.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures, and the beauty of nature!



  1. Such beautiful photos, June is an amazing month of beauty for nature.

  2. Amazing photos capturing summer images. That waterfall looks like it's moving!
    Enjoy the last few days of June... it's been quite a month :D

    1. Ah, thank you!

      June has been quite a month... And kind of crazy to think that June is drawing to a close so soon also.

  3. Love these photos, it sums up this time of year perfectly

    Have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  4. beautiful photos I do lovwe daisies and that waterfall is amazing

  5. ...wonderful, let's do it again.

  6. What beautiful photos.
    Nature is a wonderful things x

  7. Lovely, we have lost all our ducklings to the fox this year, I hope this one survived.

    1. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this Fiona.

      We've seen quite a few little ducklings in two locations locally, and on return visits, it definitely looks like they haven't all survived - however, many do seem to be thriving, which is lovely to see.


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