June 25, 2018

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Trip Details is where I share the details of a trip - quite simply put. I love reading posts about where people have been, looking at the amazing pictures they share, and gathering inspiration for our own travels, however often times I would love a little more detail than what is provided. For example, I share travel diary posts from our adventures, however they are more for memory purposes and don't hold specific details. Here you'll find me sharing the little things about our trips: the dates we went, how we got there, where we stayed, what attracted us to the destination, activities we did, how much money we spent on the trip, and more. So, if you're interested in hearing those things about our May half term break to Tenby, then carry on reading!

Tuesday 29th May 2018 - Friday 1st June 2018

Tenby, Pembrokeshire, South Wales
We love visiting the coast here in the UK, and when asking Alexander what he would like to do for a holiday this year, he expressed wanting to build sandcastles... There are both pebbles beaches and sandy beaches here in the UK, with our last holiday being to a pebble beach. Given this, I knew Tenby was the perfect destination for us - it has a number of sandy beaches, and I have been wanting to visit since moving to Wales five years ago now.

As a family we rely on public transport to get us from A to B, in every day life as well as when travelling. The journey to Tenby from our home station would require three trains in total, with the route looking like this:

Home station (I'm not disclosing the location, for obvious privacy reasons) - Cardiff Central - Swansea - Tenby

Initially, we were a bit unsure about the journey with all the changes and quite tight gaps between the train times, however both Nathan & I were pleasantly surprised with how well the journey went. The outward journey was definitely more enjoyable than the one coming home, but isn't that always the case?!

With regards to tickets, technically speaking Alexander didn't need one for his travel as he is under 5, however we purchased one for him as I wanted him to have a seat specifically.

Adult return journey to Tenby: £36.20 (x2)
Child return journey to Tenby: £18.10

Premier Inn, Tenby Town Centre
When I first started looking into this holiday I had the idea of staying at a holiday park within the Tenby area, however the more I researched, I felt like staying in a town centre hotel was the best option for us. Not only did it work out ever so slightly cheaper than staying at a well known holiday park within the area, but it also made a lot of more sense in terms of proximity. As I mentioned already, we do rely on public transport (& largely our legs) to get us places, and so to properly explore Tenby itself, this plan was just more logical.

The hotel itself was super easy to find when coming from the train station (you pretty much follow one road) and it was also very conveniently located - in just a couple of minutes you can find yourself on the seafront going on direction, and in the other you're right in the heart of the town centre. It is the perfect location, especially with young children in tow.

For two adults and one child to stay in a family room for three nights, including buffet breakfast each morning, it cost £408.94.

29th: £125
30th: £127
31st: £103

Breakfast for two adults (children eat free), for three days: £53.94 (£8.99 p/p p/d)

Typically, if we're staying somewhere that has a breakfast option, we'll always eat there over going to find a local breakfast spot. This is great with children, but also, I'm very much someone that needs my breakfast (& tea) first thing in the morning.

Tuesday 29th 
Arriving in Tenby in the afternoon, we checked into our hotel room and settled ourselves there before heading out to explore a little. After an hour or so spent at North Beach, we cleaned up at the hotel before heading into the town for some food. 

We ate dinner at Morgan's Fish Bar. The food was decent, but the service not so great in all honesty; we wouldn't return again. Following on from that, after a little wander, we stopped in at Fecci's Ice Cream Parlour, which I would recommend. We each only got a couple of scoops of ice cream, but there was an extensive menu and a homely feel to the establishment. 

Wednesday 30th 
Our first full day in Tenby, and our plans consist of a boat trip and more time spent at the beach.

Due to changeable condition such as weather, when booking through the company we went through, they only taking bookings on the day. Wanting to be on the first Island Cruise of the day, we headed to the harbour area, spending time on Castle Hill before heading to the booking office for when it opened. Tenby Boat Trips offer a number of different boat trips, with us opting for the Island Cruise - which cruises around Caldey Island and the adjoining island of St Margaret's. 

After booking in for our boat trip, we passed some time sitting at Harbour Beach, before boarding our Island Cruise boat on Castle Beach. The boarding experience didn't feel very well organised, with more than one boat trip going at the 11am time slot, and many of us waiting were confused as to what queue we were supposed to be in etc. All in all, I would recommend a boat trip whilst in Tenby, and even this company also - the driver of our boat was super knowledgeable, you felt safe on board, and it was something different to experience whilst at the seaside.

The next hour or so after the boat trip were spent back on North Beach, although we did end up being rained off. 

For dinner, we made a reservation for the restaurant in our hotel - Thyme. Both Nathan & I had pizza, and Alexander the kids meal of burger and chips, with all of us coming away happy and with full bellies. The portion sizes were good (a bit too much for me), the food was tasty & well priced, and as with our breakfast service there, the staff were all very welcoming, friendly and helpful.

Island Cruise boat trip cost: £35 (£14 for adults and £7 for children under 14) 
If you were booking through Tenby Boat Trips, it is worth noting that they do not have a method to pay with card at the booking office - they accept cash payments.

Our third day in Tenby, and final full one. We spent a good chunk of our day over at the Castle Beach/South Beach area, with four hours spent enjoying various beach activities. 

In the evening, we ate dinner at Seaview Restaurant, which - as the name suggests - is right on the seafront, offering impressive views across both Harbour Beach and North Beach also. In all honesty, you're paying for the view more than meal itself, however as a non meat eater, I did find (of all the places we had eaten in Tenby) they offered the best variety for me. 

Concluding our time in Tenby, we had a small portion of the morning to ourselves before our train departing late morning. After packing everything up, we headed into the town to get some lunch for on the journey home, and also stopped in at Tenby Rock and Fudge to get some souvenirs to take home. As with most seaside towns, there are many such shops about, with this one offering a wide selection including rock, fudge, sweets of all kinds (I was happy to find toffee crumble there) and ice cream too.

The midday check out time from Premier Inn was perfect for us (checking out at 11ish), and we soon made the short walk back to the train station, before a rather long feeling journey home.

As a family of three, travelling from South East Wales to South West Wales, spending three nights in Tenby roughly cost us - £650. This includes the prepaid travel and hotel, the cost of all food whilst away as well the boat trip we took too. As you can see, the hotel took up a large chunk of our money, but when travelling during the school holidays, that's to be expected nowadays.

Although our time in Tenby was relatively short, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were able to do all the things we had hoped to. Tenby is the kind of place where not a lot of money is needed really, as you'll spent the majority of your time soaking up the breath taking scenery, wandering the many wonderful beaches (all of which were really clean & tidy too), and basking in the charm and history of the seaside town.

Of course holidays are measured on memories, and not money, but I do think it's useful to see how much a particular type of holiday would cost you, as well as highlighting what there is to do locally within a given area.
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  1. ...sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  2. I love Tenby, holds great memories of my last holiday with my father in 2012

    1. Precious memories in a beautiful place, I'm sure.

      (sorry for the very late reply!!)


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