June 14, 2018

Tenby Travel Diary | Day 3

During half term week, after the three day bank holiday weekend, we headed from our home in the South Wales Valleys to the coast keen to explore the charming seaside town of Tenby - this is day three.

Starting our third, and final full day, a little later than usual (the previous day must have tired Alexander out as we had to wake him, and that rarely ever happens - holiday or otherwise), it began much the same with breakfast, followed by readying ourselves and heading out to explore for the day. On this day we headed straight over to the Castle Beach/South Beach side of Tenby. 

The day began with a chill in the air, after a night of rainfall, and so it was with raincoats on that we wandered to the beach. Just a couple of hours later the weather had turned totally, and it ended up being a wonderfully warm day... So much so that I actually came away from Tenby with a portion of my ankle badly burnt, unfortunately, but let's not dwell on that.

We started our morning by arriving at Castle Beach and walking along to South Beach - the two are pretty close. The South Beach is a little different to the North Beach (where we had spent most of our time prior), in the sense of it having quite a few pebbles and shells along the sandy surface, whereas on the North Beach it is largely purely sand. Of course this wasn't so great on our bare feet, however the South Beach was perfect for one of Alexander's favourite activities - shell picking, which he spent a good chunk of his time there doing. 

As well as shell picking, our four hours at the beach were spent building sandcastles, digging, attempting to fly a kite, playing ball and time spent wading in the water (mostly Alexander & Nathan). It was a really lovely morning, especially early morning before the crowds descended. Whilst packing up Alexander exclaimed: 'It's fun at the beach' - we specifically decided to holiday at the seaside as he had expressed wants of going to a sandy beach, so coming away knowing he has had an enjoyable experience is all I could have wanted really.

A little after half one, we packed up and returned to our hotel in order to get cleaned up - once again trousers were soaked and sand everywhere. 

With showers had, and a little relax (hayfever symptoms still strong), we ventured back out for some food with plans to wander the old town walls before going for our evening meal. In medieval times, walls were built around the town of Tenby as a defense structure, and some of them still stand, with them having been incorporated into the town as it is today. A portion of the wall is directly opposite our hotel, and so we followed it round to the South Beach before walking back to the main seafront area.

For dinner we were interested in eating at one of the restaurants we had seen with an impressive indoor sea view - in all honesty, you were paying more for the view than the food, but it was a lovely place to eat our final dinner in Tenby. We even had a sneaky seagull trying to get a look in at our food too!

I was saying to Nathan how I think we picked the perfect amount of days to stay - having been able to see, do and explore all that we had wanted to whilst getting a good feel to Tenby as a whole. The town itself isn't too big, however there is a good amount packed in to hold your attention and keep you busy throughout a three night stay. A fair of amount of walking was done, but nothing too strenuous, with everything easily accessible by foot. I couldn't recommend Tenby enough for a family holiday along the Welsh coast.

Nathan's Favourite Thing: Creatures at the beach, including sand fleas

Alexander's Favourite Thing: Picking shells

My Favourite Thing: A whole morning spent at the beach


  1. ...such wonderful family fun.

    1. All in all, a wonderful few days away - just what we needed!

  2. This looks like a great relaxing adventure. I love spending days at the beach! And that last photo of the bird to too funny, I love it!

  3. Hi! Nice view! This seagull looks very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  4. wow these are really lovely photos - I love the ones on the beach and that seagul!


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