June 13, 2018

Tenby Travel Diary | Day 2

During half term week, after the three day bank holiday weekend, we headed from our home in the South Wales Valleys to the coast keen to explore the charming seaside town of Tenby - this is day two.

Waking on our second day in Tenby, we soon readied ourselves and headed on down to the breakfast buffet at our hotel - we do love a breakfast buffet in our family, so it was well received. Not long after, we grabbed our things for the day and set off out. 

Our first plan of action was to book our boat trip for that morning - we were early, knowingly so, and used that time to explore Castle Hill which isn't far from the Harbour Beach at all. We walked up to the top of the hill, which hosts the remains of Tenby Castle, and boasts impressive views of the surrounding beaches as well as St Catherine's Island. We sat up there for a good while, basking in the tranquillity of early morning by the sea; it was lovely listening to the sounds of lapping waves and birds overhead.

Making our way back down to the harbour, we booked in for our boat trip, and followed that up with another restful activity of people watching with beach scenes. We found the perfect bench, overlooking the Harbour beach, and enjoyed watching the bobbing boats as well as the motion of the tide.

As 11am approached, we headed to Castle Beach and awaited to board our Island Cruise boat. Our trip was to take us out around two islands - Caldey Island and the adjoining conservation site of St Margaret's Island, which is home to a vast variety of birdlife. As well as bird sightings, we also saw a number of seals on our trip, with more than the one sighting. It was pretty chilly on the boat trip, understandably, but all in all it was a really good outing and something we'd recommend to others visiting Tenby. Seeing the islands at such a proximity was a lovely experience, as well as seeing Tenby from a different perspective too. Alexander loved being on a boat and seeing the seals, although he was keen to spend some time on the beach, so that's exactly what we did after finishing our island cruise.

Although we were by other beaches, we decided to head back to the North Beach and the little patch where we spent a good portion of our afternoon yesterday. Both Nathan and Alexander were eager to explore the rocky area some more, and of course Alexander wanted to do some digging in the sand now that we actually had our beach bag too. There were a couple of differences on the North Beach today: the tide was much further out today, and steadily decreasing further whilst we were there, plus it was a lot less busy than the previous day also.

After a good hour or so, we were actually rained off the beach (sadly), but the short lived time that was spent there was much enjoyed. Naturally, we decided to head back to our hotel, and on route to our room we made a dinner reservation at the hotel restaurant onsite - we had plans to find a place to eat in the town, however I was feeling really quite congested and lethargic (thanks to my hayfever), and honestly the last thing I wanted to do was venture far. 

All three of us relaxed and freshened up before making our dinner reservation in good time, having made a little wander to the seafront prior to dinner itself. Dinner was enjoyed by all of us - well priced, good food, welcoming service - and that pretty much concluded our day.

Nathan's Favourite Thing: Finding shrimp

Alexander's Favourite Thing: Seeing seals on the boat trip

My Favourite Thing(s): Sitting up on Castle Hill & the boat trip


  1. ...such a wonderful place to explore and sit to enjoy the views. Thanks for showing me around.


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