June 11, 2018

Tenby Travel Diary | Day 1

During half term, after the three day bank holiday weekend, we headed from our home in the South Wales Valleys to the coast keen to explore the charming seaside town of Tenby - this is day one.

Setting off from ours at 9.30am, we had a good few hours of travel ahead of us with three train journeys in total. The journey went rather smoothly, without any hiccups, despite the amount of train changes and our lack of knowledge regarding the stations we travelled through. Just over three hours were passed on trains - time we occupied by window watching (the landscape was lovely), animal spotting, kids magazine activities, eating lunch and more. Although the train journeys themselves were only just over three hours, we spent about four hours travelling in total, including waiting times. Both Nathan and I were pleasantly surprised with the journey, and would happily repeat it in the future. 

Arriving in Tenby a little after 1.30pm, we soon found our way to the Premier Inn we were staying at (very easy & accessible location), and were checked into our room super swiftly (even before the 2pm check in time). After getting ourselves situated, of course we headed straight back out to explore Tenby, and most importantly, head to the seafront. From our hotel, a sea view was less than a minute walk.

We went to see about booking an Island boat trip that we were keen to do the following day, with the booking office being near the harbour, however we were informed that you couldn't actually book until the day itself. So heading back up towards the town, we walked the paved road along the seafront before taking off socks and shoes to walk along the sandy beach.

A glorious half term day, the North Beach was abuzz with activity and people. Weaving through, we soon found ourselves a little spot out of the way, off towards the end of the beach around a rocky area. Rolling up our trousers we waded in the water and wandered with sand between our toes. The tide was out quite far when we arrived, with just an hour later it being a lot further in; we moved our items twice. Alexander was in his element with waves lapping at his legs; much fun and laughter was had. Nathan also had a great time - in his own element - looking at all the little creatures about - he saw little fish and amoeba, and we also came across crab legs and washed up jellyfish. We hadn't actually intended to go down on to the beach originally, and so weren't prepared with all our beach things; after an hour (ish) we cleaned up as best we could and headed back to our hotel to do just that properly.

Feeling fresher, and with a change of clothes, we went out to buy a couple of supplies (snacks for the beach, water etc) before exploring a little more of the town itself and finding somewhere to eat. Of course fish and chips were our go to choice, being by the sea and all. Although, none of us actually got the fish element of fish and chips. Following on from our dinner, we wandered the side streets some more - buying a fridge magnet (tradition), eating some delicious scoops in a little ice cream parlour, and also playing on the 2p machines in a small arcade. Alexander hadn't experienced an arcade prior to this, and although it seemed to be a bit of an overload for the senses at first, he really enjoyed himself, coming away with two little stretchy toys he won in exchange for his paper tickets.

We wanted to return to our hotel via the North Beach, keen to see how far in the sea was now, and what a difference a couple of hours made!

Our first day in Tenby was wonderful - we couldn't have asked for a better start to our little break. The North beach & Harbour beach are picture postcard beautiful, the colourful houses are visually pleasing, Tenby is every bit as charming as I had expected, and I ended my day full of a feeling that I only get when I visit the seaside (any seaside) - it is hard to put into words, but includes a calm quality as well the feeling of nostalgia.

Nathan's Favourite Thing(s): The beach & ice cream

Alexander's Favourite Thing: Looking for crabs with daddy

My Favourite Thing(s): Walking along the water & the ice cream parlour (they served our ice cream in little glass bowls what reminded me of glass bowls my nan used to serve us ice cream in when I was a kid)


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