June 18, 2018

Day In The Life | Wednesday 6th June 2018

Each month I document one day from said month, with the aim of capturing some of the ordinary moments that could easily be forgotten otherwise. 

For June I've made note of a random routine Wednesday, early on in the month. Although routine for the most part, Alexander did take part in his first ever sports day with school on this day, so that's nice to have on record.

Getting up was a struggle this morning, having been awake since 5ish after a not so great sleep throughout the night.

After making myself tea, I do my usual morning activity of sitting on my laptop - today I read the news and follow that up with drafting a book review post for my reading blog. Reading & books are a big passion of mine (I mean, I wouldn't have a whole other blog dedicated to just that if they weren't), and I love sharing about titles that I've come away from absolutely loving.

Nathan left for work fifteen minutes ago - after his tea & brekkie - and I head upstairs to get Alexander up.

Alexander & I sit down to our own breakfast at the dining table. I love our little morning meals together, we sit and eat and chat, and it is one of those moments in a day that is very much routine and ordinary for us, but that I think of as precious and hold on to, y'know. Conversation today includes our plans for the day (as usual), talk of our recent trip to the seaside, and also Alexander being curious as to whether I will be having cake on my upcoming birthday (my birthday has now been & gone, and I can confirm, to Alexander's delight - we did indeed have cake). 

Food finished, we settle down to read another few chapters of The BFG, a book by Roald Dahl that Alexander and I have started reading together at his request. Alexander is really enjoying the story, engaged & following throughout, and I'm loving sharing Roald Dahl with him.

Time to get ourselves dressed for the day - we put on our home clothes/comfies as we will both get dressed properly later when off out. 

The next hour is allotted to tackling a number of household jobs - dishes, cleaning the bathroom, washing that needs to get going etc.

Finished now, a little later than intended, and I sit down with a cup of tea.

With my tea all gone, my time now is solely dedicated to Alexander (who played independently so nicely whilst I cleaned & such). We play cars on the track that he built whilst I was cleaning, we make a craft that came with one of his magazines, and we also sit in the garden to eat lunch after a change of clothes and slathering of suncream.

Back now after dropping Alexander off at nursery. My mum is due over soon - she is coming to Alexander's sports day with me - and so I take the little time before she arrives to get on with my blog to do list.

Mum arrives, and we catch up before leaving for sports day.

Sports day. It was really quite warm out, but the children tried their hardest and a lot of fun was had. The teachers put a lot of thought into the event, and even though it had to be cut short due to time, you could see all the children really enjoyed themselves - whilst racing and also cheering on their friends. It was super cute.

Back home from nursery/sports day now. A snack and smoothie are had by the both of us before we sit down in the living room. Alexander has some screen time now, watching a couple episodes of Doc McStuffins.

Responsibilities calling me - time to make dinner.

A little earlier than expected (we usually eat at 5), dinner is served. Rice, veg and chicken (Quorn for me) for dinner today.

Dinner consumed. I sit down to read for a bit as Alexander plays on the rug nearby, occasionally wanting attention - so really, very little reading completed by me. When Nathan arrives home, a little after half five, we catch up with him.

Talk of bedtime looming doesn't go down well, and the (more often than not) smooth bedtime routine proves to be quite the opposite today. It turned into quite a palava in fact.

Alexander is in bed now. I make tea for Nathan & I before we pursue our own individual activities - he spends time working on a pond maintenance task and also reading, whilst I start working on blog content that I have planned for this blog.

With just the one blog post written and ready to go, scheduled and all, I decide to head up to bed with my book.

Having spent a good chunk of time reading & unwinding, I now conclude my day.


  1. It sounds like a really pleasant day, I'm glad you enjoyed the sports. Your day starts really early, I generally wait until the kids want to get up, which is usually early enough, even on school days. I have to say a quick thank you, after reading your line about putting on sun cream I suddenly remembered that I needed to buy some for my daughter who is off to France tomorrow, thankfully, Dad is already at the shops so I gave a quick call and asked him to pick some up. I can't believe I forgot it!

    1. I've always been quite an early riser to be honest - I love getting things done in the morning.

      Oh dear, that could have been an issue with the sun cream! We have so many things to remember, it is easily done! I hope she has a wonderful time in France.

  2. It's really interesting to see your day mapped out like that. Sometimes a day flies by doing ordinary bits and bobs and by the time you go to bed you wonder how you spent your time! Lovely to have had Alexander's first sports day and extra special for him to have Nanny there. #keepingitreal

  3. Hi Jade, I used to love the morning routine with my two when they were small (before they started school). Just sitting and chatting whilst eating and then a read of a book. A nice way to start the day. Alexander sounds like a little star, playing nicely whilst you got on. It makes life so much easier to be able just to focus and get on... I can imagine a field full of little ones all excited and ready to compete. I hope they still do fun things like egg and spoon races and the three legged race? I expect he went out like a light when his head hit the pillow (in an ideal world, maybe!)... I do read in bed every night, but rarely for more than a few pages as I just can't stay awake.

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal.


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, Debbie.

      I'm soaking up this morning routine we have now - it is a lovely way to start the day - before full time school begins in September!!

      Sports day was a lot of fun for the children, with a good variety of race types to keep them entertained; just what they need at that age really.

      Reading before bed is definitely a sure fire way to nod off, and fast. Haha!


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