May 23, 2018

Day In The Life | Sunday 20th May 2018

Each month I document one day from said month, with the aim of capturing some of the ordinary moments that could easily be forgotten otherwise. 

I didn't actually notice this until it came to typing up this post, but it was also the 20th that I documented last month too - however the 20th fell on a Sunday in May, a day I have yet to record in this way. Sunday's for us are very much lazy days; we tend to do a lot of individual activities and generally potter about around the house. 

Alarm goes off. 

By this time, I'm up and settled on the sofa with a cup of tea in hand, ready to get on with blog tasks before everyone else wakes up. Not only is the time great to get on with writing tasks whilst the house is silent, but I also try to not let blogging eat up much of my time elsewhere in the day when it is just a hobby of mine. 

I head upstairs - see Nathan before getting Alexander up and returning to our bedroom where conversation and laughter is enjoyed before we all head downstairs. 

Breakfast... Today we had an indulgent breakfast of pastries. We all sat at the dining table together and spoke about our plans for the day; this is something we do every morning - although on a week day it is just Alexander & I. 

With breakfast finished, Nathan and Alexander spend some time looking at the fish in the indoor fish tank, chatting away about all tank life developments. After this Alexander picks some books from his bedroom - five in total - and the two of us sit on the sofa reading. I do love morning reading time.

Time to get dressed and ready for the day, including slathering up in sun cream as the sun is out & it is set to be a glorious day.

We're out in the garden now, and Nathan soon follows us. Whilst Nathan works on a pet project of his, Alexander & I spend time sitting by the pond before heading out on the back lane behind our house with his scooter in tow. After 45 minutes in the garden, I have to head back in as I feel incredibly heavy and bogged down by my severe hayfever; Nathan & Alexander remain in the garden.

Indoors now. I put on a load of washing before sitting down with a mid morning snack and book in hand, all settled down to do some reading.

I've finished the book I was reading (pictured below), and by this point both Nathan and Alexander have retreated back indoors; it is really hot outside now. 


Individual activities are enjoyed. Nathan and Alexander are now back out in the garden, still working on Nathan's ongoing project for his ant colony, and I sit down to catch up on some YouTube videos. A little after 1, the pair are back inside, with Alexander heading to his room to play and Nathan sitting at the computer to play a video game. Nathan and I have some interesting conversation during this time and he also includes me in some of the game play.

Alexander and I start to get ready to head out - we're going to the birthday party of a couple of his nursery friends. A change of clothes is had, and we also reapply our sun cream (very important!). 

We're out of the house now and walking to the location of the party, which is in the next village over. 

Party to start at 3 and we arrived right on the dot. The party was a bouncy castle one and Alexander had a lot of fun on it along with a number of his nursery friends... I could just about get him off for some food! It was lovely to see him, and his friends, have so much fun - with much laughter & joy heard throughout the duration of the party.

With the party over, we start to walk back home (with it feeling much cooler out now) and pop in at my mum's house which is directly on route. After staying there for twenty minutes or so, where Alexander enjoyed the cake from his party bag, we continue on back home.

Home, and we begin Alexander's evening routine of bath, book, and bed.

Alexander is now tucked up in bed, ten minutes earlier than usual. Nathan and I plate up our dinner (we usually all eat dinner together, but with Alexander eating at the party, we ate at a later hour) and sit down to catch up on the daily vlogs of a YouTuber we watch together (Mickey Bustos) - although the videos are daily, we're very behind on them as we just sit and watch a batch of them every now and again. 

Having eaten and finished watching the videos, we set about our own individual activities for the remainder of the evening - with conversation intermittently. 

Head upstairs to bed, although I have plans to read for a little before actually calling it a night. I don't think I'm going to have a good sleep anyway, with my hayfever as heavy as it is - this was my first real bad day this season, and it kind of hit me out of nowhere, really taking its toll on me. I think some people don't realise how debilitating hayfever/allergies can be... I've had severe hayfever since I was a young child, and it is still such a struggle now. 

To bed I go.


  1. Hi Jade, I'm totally with you about getting blogging before the household awakens. I naturally wake up before six and find that's the best time of the day to blog on a Sunday morning. It sounds like your Sunday was nicely balanced, with rest, relaxation & fun... The party must have exhausted Alexander, which is the best type of party!... Both my husabnd and son sufffer terribly with hayfever, this year my husband was prescribed a course of treatment that actually worked, so he's not sufferd so badly. I'm lucky, it's only my eyes that suffer.

    Thank you for joining in with #keepingitreal


    1. The party certainly did tire Alexander out - between the bouncy castle and walking to & fro the party, he was well and truly ready for bed.

      A good day is a balanced one :-)

  2. Gosh you are up early. As a family we all tend to go to bed later and get up later. Sorry to read you suffer from hayfever it must be so frustrating having it #keepingitreal

    1. We're the total opposite - haha! Early to bed, and early to rise. It's great when the whole family are in sync though, isn't it?!


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