April 18, 2018

Project 365 | Days 99 - 105

This year I'm attempting to complete 'Project 365' - I compile a post on a weekly basis with photos from the week as well as sharing a few words giving them context.

(99) Monday 9th April 2018
We enjoyed a little walk today - we visited the canal path, but the point of the walk was to complete a piece of Alexander's homework: noticing signs of spring around us. Alexander opted to take lots of pictures of spring flowers for his homework. Whilst walking, we saw ducks and a water vole too.

(100) Tuesday 10th April 2018
I made it to 100 pictures!! I know there is a long way to go before completing the full project, but there is just something about the milestone of 100 daily photos. The milestone photo includes a couple of my favourite things: books & tea!

(101) Wednesday 11th April 2018
Play, play, play.

(102) Thursday 12th April 2018
One of those days. It was grey and dreary today, however it did remain dry. Alexander and I went out on a walk in the afternoon, but I let him surprise me with the walk... And where did he take me: the canal - of course! Walking along the canal path is one of Alexander's favourite things, and today was a new experience in a way as we saw some paddle boarders going up & down the canal. We also stopped off at the little park on the way back. You don't need great weather in order to enjoy yourself outdoors.

The above photo was taken in the morning, not whilst we took our afternoon walk. I went on the walk without my camera - as someone who likes to capture with a camera, it is so important to enjoy some things without camera in hand.

(103) Friday 13th April 2018
These beauties brightened up another grey day.

(104) Saturday 14th April 2018
We saw blue sky today... And sunshine! After a week of fog - literally - a glimmer of blue sky was happily welcomed. We went on an impromptu post dinner walk this evening, and it was just lovely.

(105) Sunday 15th April 2018
To conclude the week...


  1. ...Wednesday 11th April 2018 looked like 'funday!'

  2. Hi Jade, well done you for getting to 100 photos. I'd probably forget after day 3! It is a good way to document life, especially these days when we all have cameras, even if onoy on our phones... There are definate signs of spring, which is must be welcome after the long winter you've had... How lovely that you let your son surprise you with a walk. It must have been a relief that it was somewhere nice.


    1. Thank you! I did wonder about the walk - he started by taking me all around the houses initially, but we got to his destination in the end. Haha!

  3. Such a lovely series of photos, Jade, cosy home life and beautiful landscapes, even though cloudy and foggy.
    Thank you for your comment on my latest post and thank you for noticing the car driver. Only few people seem to have noticed it... or found it interesting. :)
    Happy spring! Yours is very beautiful! xx

    1. Thank you, Sara.

      Oh really - I definitely found it interesting. Haha! I hope you're having a wonderful week.


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