April 30, 2018

Project 365 | Days 113 - 119

This year I'm attempting to complete 'Project 365' - I compile a post on a weekly basis with photos from the week as well as sharing a few words giving them context.

(113) Monday 23rd April 2018
The green is returning to our surroundings - starting to look lush once more.

(114) Tuesday 24th April 2018
My current read.

(115) Wednesday 25th April 2018
Cloud watching today.

(116) Thursday 26th April 2018
There was an art exhibition at Alexander's school today, where you could buy your child's art with the funds going towards the school. Here's Alexander with his artwork.

(117) Friday 27th April 2018
What would a 'project 365' post of mine be without a rain strewn window capture?!

(118) Saturday 28th April 2018
Another day with two captures, although quite different. The first was taken of a tree we can see from our garden and the second I captured as we came in, rather late for us, from a family party we had been to.

(119) Sunday 29th April 2018
Happily ending the week having been to Disney on Ice: Worlds of Enchantment - Alexander was in awe of the dancing & ice skating; glued to the show throughout. 


  1. ...'Sometimes the greatest adventures start without a map." How true!

  2. Hello dear Jade, I hope you will soon feel better after the busy week.
    I wanted to leave my comment on this post, because the first photo (a hill/mountain covered with trees) is just enchanting... and so is the whole post. What trees are those in the photo?
    Wishing you a happy weekend! xx

    1. Thank, Sara - that is so kind!

      I wish I could tell you what trees they are, however I'm unsure myself as until moving over to this village, we had thought them to be evergreens, but then they lost colour over winter...

      I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


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