April 23, 2018

Day in the Life | Friday 20th April 2018

Each month I document at least one day from said month, with the aim of capturing some of the ordinary moments that could easily be forgotten otherwise. For my last day in the life (March), I documented a snow day, and for April's we're at the other end of the weather spectrum with me sharing a day during the heatwave we've experienced here in parts of the UK. 

Other than the weather, this was a typical day for us however Nathan did have the day off from work (giving him a long weekend) which wouldn't usually be the case but came at a great time for him - what with the weather, but also this being the weekend before he starts a new job (within the same company he currently works for).

Although I was already awake by time my alarm went off, I stayed in bed till it did anyway. After rising, I got dressed into some comfies straight away, which I wouldn't usually do just staying in PJs until I get dressed for the day, however we had a food shopping delivery slot for 8-10am and the delivery man does not need to see me in my nightwear. Ha!

With the curtains pulled open allowing the glorious sunshine to pour in, I settled down with a cup of tea and my laptop to get some blogging done before the little one wakes. Nathan is up and about by this point also - we were completing our own individual activities, however we were conversing throughout and got on to a conversation about the world and such - I commented on it being a deep conversation for 7.12 in the morning.

I head upstairs to get Alexander up, who was an eager bean already climbing out of his bed when he heard me coming up the stairs. He wanted to look at his Thomas trains before going downstairs to show Daddy some of the variations and also talk about different train shapes.

After much train chatter, breakfast is had. Alexander very kindly got out everyone's bowls and cereal of choice. 

Breakfast consumed, and we move to the sofa in order to read some books Alexander had asked to read - 3 books in total; 2 PJ Masks books that are new to his shelf and also his school library book.

Time to get Alexander ready for the day - Alexander took some coaxing today, as with most days, and even tried to prolong the task with three squishy cuddles.

I allotted the next hour to get tasks done in the house - especially as the food shop had yet to arrive and there was still an hour on the timeframe. I gave the bathroom a good clean and got the towels in for a wash too, before the food delivery arrived at 9.30. During the time I was cleaning, Nathan was busy undertaking some pet care tasks and Alexander was busy creating a beach on the living room rug. With the arrival of the food shopping I unloaded it and put it away, with the help of both Nathan & Alexander. After this I got myself dressed and ready for the day.

We left the house to go on a morning walk. Our walk was to take us along the canal path, which I talk about a lot here, however we did detour a little and followed a woodland trail nearby thanks to Nathan's curiosity - we pass this trail often, but had never gone down it. That's one of the things I love about where we live; there is so much to explore. 

The trail led us to a lovely little clearing in a wooded area. The sun shone beautifully there and I came across my first bluebells of the season. After some exploration there, we made our way back onto the canal path and continued on our regular route. We saw many ducks and also a frog in the canal.

After arriving back home, I decided I wanted to get the garden furniture out - well the chairs anyway - that were still sitting in their box in the shed. I got to work on that, with some assistance from Nathan, and Alexander played on his scooter a little. 

Lunchtime - not long until Alexander is off to nursery for the afternoon.

Home from dropping Alexander off to nursery, and settle myself in the garden with a cup of tea and book in hand. Our garden is quite the suntrap, and so finding a good space with shade took a little while, but I was able to read & relax - completing the last 100 pages of my current read. Nathan was outside too, staining a wooden bench and us conversing intermittently. 

I decided to come inside and have a break from the sun as no doubt Alexander would want to be out in the garden after nursery also. I spent thirty minutes working on various blog to dos, before heading out to pick Alexander up from nursery.

Home from the nursery pick up - and as predicted, the three of us settle in the garden again. Making the most of the sunshine whilst it is here. Conversation flowed.

After a while, I was feeling a little tired (not from the sun, but sleepy) and knowing I had a late night ahead of me for the 'Cosy Reading Night' (which I'll talk about further down), we went to the shop so I could get some sweet treat provisions.

Home from the shop, I get to sorting dinner with the assistance of my kitchen helper, Alexander - we had quesadillas. 

Dinner finished. Alexander asked to watch some shows, so I allowed - but only two. Whilst he watched shows (two episodes of The Magic School Bus), I spent a little time on my own electronics also. Whilst we were indoors, Nathan was out in the garden continuing to work on the bench he had started earlier. 

With the shows finished, electronic time was over and we popped out to the garden to see how the bench had turned out - it looks great. Coming back indoors, I started to do the dishes from the day and clean the kitchen. Meanwhile, Alexander was busy being Nathan's shadow upstairs.

Time to start the bedtime routine. 

After a delayed bedtime, I started to run my bath and get myself all set up for the 'Cosy Reading Night'. 

As well as blogging here, I'm also a book blogger and am active within the book blogging community, which includes reading events such as this one. 'Cosy Reading Night' is a pretty relaxed event, compared with other readathons, but enjoyable all the same - three hours of bookish goodness. If you're interesting in knowing more about the event itself, or how it went for me, I have shared a post on my book blog which you can find here.

Lagging, as I'm usually in bed by this time, the reading night concluded with me having read nearly 150 pages of chosen book: 4.50 From Paddington by Agatha Christie.

After completing my reading, I finalised some bits to do with the event, including completing my wrap up post for it and going through the hashtag on Twitter seeing how others got on. I love taking part in book events like this, especially when the community taking part is super supportive and interactive, as it was in this instance. Book people are some of the best people. 

My latest night in a very long while... Lie in tomorrow, right?!


  1. ...you pack a lot into a day!

    1. A good mix of productivity & down time on this day.

  2. Hi Jade, I get my best blogging done first thing and have often wondered how many other people make the most if those peaceful early morning hours... Being able to do your shopping online sounds wonderful, it must be a great time saver and would certainly be something I do if it was a thing here... It's fun when walks are interesting for children, it's how they learn to love the big outdoors... I bet you enjoyed your peace and quiet, reading your book in the garden. It's something I'm looking forward to doing over the coming months too... A cosy night of reading sounds good too, it's sounds like one way of getting to sit down and read for a length of time. I can manage a chapter or two at most, except when I'm in bed then it's a page or two before I start to nod off.

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your day with #keepingitreal.


    1. I am so thankful for being able to do the food shopping online & have it delivered to the door - we don't drive, nor do we intend to learn, and this way works out to be more cost effective than going via bus (plus we don't have to lug the shopping home - haha!).

      It is lovely to get in out in the garden with the warmer weather nearing - I hope you're able to do just that yourself over the coming months.

      Thanks for the lovely comment, Deb :-)


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