March 28, 2018

Project 365 | Days 78 - 84

This year I'm attempting to complete 'Project 365' - I compile a post on a weekly basis with photos from the week as well as sharing a few words giving them context.

(78) Monday 19th March 2018
Two photos for today. Snowy scenes outside the window - thankfully we didn't have to brave the harsh temperatures and icy surfaces as Alexander's school was closed for safety reasons. Kept ourselves occupied with board games, books and a Disney film too.

(79) Tuesday 20th March 2018
Always curious & inquisitive; full of questions and a love of learning. I wouldn't have it any other way.

(80) Wednesday 21st March 2018
Alexander's newly tidied bookshelves... But for how long..?!

(81) Thursday 22nd March 2018
We braved the cold (it is still feeling so unspring like) and headed out on a nature walk - we had a lot of fun, with it being one of those days & memories I wish I could just bottle up and keep forever.

(82) Friday 23rd March 2018
If you know me, then you know I love a good cuppa - and today we ran out of teabags! Well, for a brief period before the food shopping got delivered in the evening. So instead of my usual post nursery drop off tea, I treated myself to a hot chocolate instead; don't mind if I do!

(83) Saturday 24th March 2018
A solo library trip for me today, coming away with a bundle of six books that I'm excited to read.

(84) Sunday 25th March 2018
Ending the week with beautiful blue skies.


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