March 21, 2018

Project 365 | Days 71 - 77

This year I'm attempting to complete 'Project 365' - I compile a post on a weekly basis with the photos from the week as well as sharing a few words giving them context.

(71) Monday 12th March 2018
Moody skies.

(72) Tuesday 13th March 2018
What a difference a day makes - with today actually feeling like spring. I enjoyed a lovely solo walk whilst Alexander was at nursery today, and soaked up that spring feeling. I really needed it.

(73) Wednesday 14th March 2018
Morning colouring & crafts.

(74) Thursday 15th March 2018
A wet & windy day, but it did let up for a brief period in the afternoon - my brother & I went for a walk along the canal path.

(75) Friday 16th March 2018
I spent a lot of time sky watching today.

(76) Saturday 17th March 2018
The beginning of the weekend saw the arrival of yet more snow, as well as some new pet fish for us. We've got a new indoor tank that had been set up prior to the arrival of four male guppies (only 3 pictured) today. Family visits were enjoyed today also.

(77) Sunday 18th March 2018
We awoke to a thick blanket of snow... Luckily nothing like the wild winter storm at the very start of the month. We even got out playing in the snow for a little while in the afternoon.


  1. ...happy snowy spring, we have the same here.

    1. Doesn't feel particularly spring like, does it?! Thankfully nearly all the snow has melted away now, but the cold temps remain. Brrr!

  2. Love this week's round-up, you got some stunning shots here Jade! I love the one of the guppies so much, how cute! - Tasha

    1. Thank you, Tasha - the male guppies now also have a fair few female guppy friends too!

  3. Lovely pictures.It is amazing how the weather can change for the better in just one day, isn't it :)

  4. Each day was very different from the last. Isn't that amazing?! At least you did get to go out for a walk twice this past week. I was able to get out once. I'm hoping today I will be able to get out for another:) #MondayMorningBlogClub

    1. I hope you're able to enjoy the outdoors more these coming weeks! Thanks for stopping by :-)


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