March 04, 2018

Project 365 | Days 57 - 63

This year I'm attempting to complete 'Project 365' - I compile a post on a weekly basis with the photos from the week as well as sharing a few words giving them some context.

(57) Monday 26th February 2018
Lunchtime helper. Alexander loves helping out, especially when it comes to cooking and so he prepared his own lunch today of pitta pizza.

(58) Tuesday 27th February 2018
Not the greatest photo, but also basically the only photo I took today - pink morning clouds.

(59) Wednesday 28th February 2018
Another day, another cloud photo. I'm forever taking photos of the sky, not only because there is such beauty to be found there but I also find just a couple of minutes looking at the sky can do me the world of good with regards to positive thinking & feeling.

(60) Thursday 1st March 2018
Snow! Here in the UK we're experiencing some of the worst snowy weather that we have done for a while, and today was the first proper day of it here in South Wales. All the local schools are closed until the start of the new week and we're on an amber alert for snow, wind and ice. This photo was taken early in the morning.

(61) Friday 2nd March 2018
Today I have two pictures to share from the day, and of course they're snowy captures. The first was taken first thing in the morning, and the second photo was taken just before going to bed.

(62) Saturday 3rd March 2018
We ventured out in the snow, going to the local shop in the village as well spending a little time in the garden playing in the snow. The harsh winds of the last two days had gone, but it was still snowy lightly every so often.

(63) Sunday 4th March 2018
And then the rain came...


  1. ...worst snowy weather still can be beautiful.

    1. It sure can be - I also found it to be rather relaxing watching the snow fall.

  2. Yum! Home made pizzas are the best.
    What fantastic photos of the weather. We seem to have had all types over the past week.

    1. I know... This week's project 365 did kind of turn into a weather report!


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