March 12, 2018

Day in the Life | Saturday 3rd March 2018

Each month I try to document at least one day from said month, with the aim of capturing some of the ordinary moments that could easily be forgotten otherwise. For the month of March I'm taking you back to the weekend before last, and what turned out to be our third full snow day during the harsh winter storm that hit the UK (and parts of Europe) recently. The storm was quite bad where we are, but it was much worse in other places up and down the country.  Our local area was given an amber alert by the Met Office and pretty much everything came to a halt - we had really fierce winds for the first two days of snowfall, with 20cm of snow falling in total and drifts being much higher.

All week I've been waking up with my alarm at 6.30, and so I let myself have a little lie in today. All three of us got up at roughly the same time.

Sitting down to eat breakfast.

With breakfast finished, I bring my cup of tea over to the sofa (as it is still hot) and have a sit down whilst catching up on the news as well as weather reports. Naturally conversation turned to the weather, and we also discussed plans for the day.

Before getting dressed, I spent ten minutes changing all the batteries in Alexander's Hexbug toys. As parents, we spend a small fortune on batteries.

We're all dressed and ready to head out on a shop mission. Whilst there is still an abundance of snow, the wild winds of the last two days had ceased and it wasn't currently snowing, so it seemed like a good time to head on out. Bundled up and with wellies on (our only snow appropriate shoes), the three of us ventured into the village.

Back home after a successful outing. The main shop didn't have much of anything - as we were already aware of - but we did pick up a couple of bits from there. Following on from that, we saw a man who had some milk and so we asked where he'd got it from - the shop down the other end. We weren't in desperate need of milk, but obviously ideal to have it to hand, and so headed down to the smaller shop that he was referring to and picked up some milk. I did call my mum on the way home to let her know that there was milk available, and soon to be bread too, as she was on the hunt for it the day before.

The snow levels were pretty high in the village itself, with only big cars braving the ungritted roads, but there were quite a few people milling about and the usual friendly atmosphere in place. It was nice to get out too - I was starting to get cabin fever at home after two days!

Once home, we played out in the garden for a while, only venturing back inside when it started to snow again. We had a snowball fight, attempted (unsuccessfully) to build a snowman, and Alexander enjoyed making footprints in the snow.

Back inside now, with the first job being to get out of any wet clothes... And the second being hot drinks made, of course. Alexander went straight back to playing with his toys and I started to write down some notes for this post.

Tea in hand, I sat watching some home aquarium installation videos on YouTube with Nathan, whilst Alexander continued to play independently.

After some pottering around (doing drying up etc), we had lunch a little after midday. Following on from lunch, Alexander watched a couple of episodes of his shows and I watched an episode of Timeless on Netflix. Whilst we were cosy in the living room, Nathan worked on a hobby project of his - we have a spare room in our house that we've converted into Nathan's hobby room as nearly all of the hobbies he has seem to include A LOT of things and so it is easy to have it contained like that.

Alexander and I sat down together and worked through a story sticker book of his.

Having finished the book with Alexander, I set myself up on the table to do some colouring. I did offer Alexander to do some colouring too, but he wasn't interested. I spent a lot more time stationed at the table colouring than I intended, but I did finish the picture I'd been working on and felt the calming quality of colouring.

Made a start on cooking dinner.

With dinner finished, Alexander played around with his tape measure, measuring random items all around the house whilst Nathan was busy working on his writing and I watched another episode of Timeless - honestly, I'm gripped to this show; I love the concept & acting.

Alexander and I spent some time together playing - imaginative play & also role play (shop keeping). This was followed on by a good chat and cwtch, wrapping up our day and talking about what we enjoyed in it. As he tidied up his room ready for bed, Alexander was really excited and proud to show me a garage he had built for his Hexbugs - he is great at being creative and building.

The little one tucked up in bed, I started running myself a bath. I wanted to read something in the bath (as is often the case), however my mind wasn't quite in the novel mood, and so I picked up a non fiction book from my shelves - that I've read before - which takes a look at the routine and rituals of many well known creatives. I read some extracts pertaining to writers, including Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens and Stephen King.

Finished with my relax in the bath, I spent the rest of my evening watching two more episodes of Timeless... I told you I'm gripped!



  1. Replies
    1. Some days, Tom - but definitely not this one; I watched way too much TV on this snow day!

  2. It's nice to have slower days even if it is because of a snow storm. Sounds like a great day!

  3. Sounds like a very relaxing day. Nice pics. #MMBC

  4. I do love a good old slow day, helps pace out the fastness of school days X #mmbc


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