February 19, 2018

Project 365 | Days 43 - 49

This year I'm attempting to complete 'Project 365' - I share these photos on my Twitter daily, and weekly I will be sharing a post with a number of photos combined as well as a few words giving them some context.

(43) Monday 12th February 2018
I'm not going to lie, today was a struggle for many reasons but nature done its thing and put a smile on my face once more.

(44) Tuesday 13th February 2018
I started reading this book yesterday and finished it today. Quite short in length, but enjoyable as owls are one of my favourite animals.

(45) Wednesday 14th February 2018
Valentine's day. Nathan & I exchanged cards in the evening - as he was at work all day. Alexander's class put on an assembly in the name of love today, which was really cute to watch. My picture today has nothing to do with Valentine's day though... An observational capture of Alexander watching a shark documentary after nursery.

(46) Thursday 15th February 2018
I took myself off to the library today, whilst Alexander was at nursery. I had such low motivation, but pushed myself to go, especially as walking does me the world of good when feeling unmotivated. The weather was fine (as in not raining) and it got me out of the house for an hour or so. It's so easy to stay cooped up indoors on these winter days.

(47) Friday 16th February 2018
Out & about again today, this time in the morning. Alexander asked to walk to an area we often walked when living in our old house. The distance was a little longer than our usual - we were out for over an hour and a half - and there were a few grumbles on route home but all in all a lovely morning. Alexander had lots of fun running up and down hills, giving directions, and seeing the first daffs of the year.

(48) Saturday 17th February 2018
Some of my screen time - I watched a Disney film in the evening.

(49) Sunday 18th February 2018
To conclude the week, a dreary day. I do hope this kind of weather doesn't continue into the new week as the schools are on half term here now and it would be nice to spend a good chunk of that time outdoors.


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