February 11, 2018

Project 365 | Days 36 - 42

This year I'm attempting to complete 'Project 365' - I share these photos on my Twitter daily, and weekly I will be sharing a post of a number of photos combined as well as a few words giving them some context. 

(36) Monday 5th February 2018
Gorgeous blue skies to start the week, but don't be fooled as it was pretty chilly! I enjoyed a walk - to and from an appointment - whilst Alexander was at nursery, which is when I took this photo.

(37) Tuesday 6th February 2018
A good post day - I received the first book of my 3 month subscription with The Willoughby Book Club.

(38) Wednesday 7th February 2018
I love when the light falls on the hillside making the trees up there look a burnt amber (typically they don't look like that). The moon being out in the daytime is one of Alexander's favourite things.

(39) Thursday 8th February 2018
Same view, different day. That's Welsh weather for you!

(40) Friday 9th February 2018
I almost opted for another outdoor photo showcasing the weather today (it was snowy lightly when we woke up, but it didn't last long), but I don't want to turn this into a weather report! So here's me and Alexander reading - Alexander had a sick day from nursery today (he is all better now) and this is how we spent a lot of our day, doing various activities (including much sleeping for him), coupled up on the sofa all cosy under blankets.

(41) Saturday 10th February 2018
Another weekend where walking plans were scuppered thanks to an abundance of rain - it literally rained all day long! I treated myself to a PJ day instead.

(42) Sunday 11th February 2018
A weekend walk - hurrah!! We did get caught in a snow shower on the way home, but the walk was much needed and enjoyed by the three of us.


  1. ...keep enjoying each and every day!

  2. Hi Jade, it's the blue skies that help us through the winter too. Today is cold and clear out, but has lifted my spirits after what seems like endless days of dreariness... I used to secretly enjoy sick days (if they weren't too sick), snuggling on the sofa, reading and watching telly together when they don't have much energy was cosy... It should be compulsary for everyone to have at least ine PJ day a week. I love a good excuse not to get dressed.


    1. A blue sky is such a small thing, but big in so many ways - I'm glad you've been able to have a few to get you through the winter drear, Deb.

      Haha! I do too!


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