February 04, 2018

Project 365 | Days 29 - 35

This year I'm attempting to complete 'Project 365' - I share these photos on my Twitter daily, and weekly I will be sharing a post with a number of photos combined as well as a few words giving them some context. 

(29) Monday 29th January 2018
Listening to the wind and rain early in the morning - one of my favourite things.

(30) Tuesday 30th January 2018
We woke to frost on the roof today.

(31) Wednesday 31st January 2018
Some morning screen time... We are conscious of screen time in our household, but by no means do we cut it out entirely - it's all about balance.

(32) Thursday 1st February 2018
We started the new month with a morning walk to the canal.

(33) Friday 2nd February 2018
Home learning - working on the alphabet and phonics with the use of a puzzle.

(34) Saturday 3rd February 2018
Out & about today with my brother.

(35) Sunday 4th February 2018
I spent some time colouring today, finishing off one picture and starting a new one. I find colouring to be such a calming activity and am so glad to have gotten into adult colouring books.


  1. ...it's great that you are conscious of screen time!

    1. In this day and age Tom, I think you have to be - not just for the little ones, but us adults also.

  2. Hi Jade, I do like the 365 project, but would never manage to keep it up on a daily basis. There is nothing like lying in bed listening to the weather when it's miserable out, it's just a shame we when we have to get up.... What a perfect way to start the month. At least from the weather should start to improve soon... Shouldn't it?


    1. Haha! I don't know how I'm doing it so far, Deb - when you get into the habit of something it does make it easier I suppose.

      I hope the weather improves soon; I'm so over winter now!


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