February 26, 2018

Day in the Life | Tuesday 20th February 2018

Each month I try to document at least one day from said month, with the aim of capturing some of the ordinary moments that could easily be forgotten otherwise. For the month of February I knew I wanted to try and document a day within the half term holidays, and opted for Tuesday 20th. A lot of my previous day in the life posts have seen Nathan at work all day long, but he took three days holiday in the half term and this documented day falls on that.

Without having an alarm set, I naturally woke up at this time. Nathan was already awake, but still in bed, and reading his book - I'm not sure how long he had been awake.

Dragging myself out of bed - seriously, it was a struggle - I get Alexander up and as usual we follow that up with heading downstairs for some breakfast. Alexander had Shreddies and milk whilst I had a cup of tea (the first of many) and warm Weetabix. We would usually have some fruit with breakfast, but we only had apples and neither of us was in the mood for them. Nathan didn't have any breakfast this morning, which is nothing unusual. I've always been someone who has to have food first thing!

With breakfast now finished we get cosy on the sofa, all settled in for some morning reading.

Having now had enough of reading, Alexander heads upstairs to play in his room. I take this opportunity for some me time and relax with my second cup of tea. Nathan was on the phone to a work friend at this point and was pottering around the house as he just can't seem to sit still when on the phone.

After a leisurely morning, it's about time I get on with the day really. I begin this by sorting the washing loads for the day and getting started with loading up the washing machine - there is always a load of laundry to be done!

We all start getting ready to head out and enjoy the winter sunshine.

A tad later than anticipated, but we're all ready and leave the house for our walk. The three of us went on a route Alexander hadn't been on before, so there was plenty of interest shown in the surroundings; fallen trees and deep gnarly roots were of particular interest. 

Lunch stop at our favourite little local café. Meals were enjoyed by all, but the big homely portions defeated both Alexander and I.

Home. With my belly full, a good old rest was needed for me. Alexander was straight back to playing as soon as he was home, of course! He did help me switch over the laundry loads before doing so though, which was very kind and helpful - Alexander loves to help around the house, but especially when it comes to laundry. Nathan set down and got his head in the writing game after our morning out, and was busy typing away on his laptop... He did join in when Alexander came down for a good old sing song. After properly letting my food go down, I was upstairs playing with Alexander - with vehicles & Paw Patrol figures.

Nathan leaves for an appointment at the dentist. I start working on a little job that keeps finding its way on every single daily to do list, and just doesn't get done: Alexander's grandma and granddad got him a personalised calendar for 2017, and so I want to cut out the pictures they curated for each month before getting rid of the calendar itself. I managed to finish the month of April before the scissors started bothering my hands - 24 pictures in total, and yet I still have many more to do.

Alexander sits down to some food, having said he had a hungry belly just as I was ending my little project I mentioned above. Good timing. I didn't eat anything myself, as I definitely wasn't in the mood for food after overdoing it at the café earlier. 

Nathan arrives home just as Alexander begins a little screen time for the day - he watched a couple of episodes of Tayo on Netflix. 

With screen time now wrapped up, I intended to work more on the calendar project however Alexander and I got to talking about our days and before we knew it bedtime was upon us. Alexander and I both agreed that our family walk in the morning was our favourite part of the day.

Bedtime routine with Alexander begins - and a battle it was!

The bedtime routine didn't quite go smoothly, and so with him now tucked up in bed I was feeling a little stressed... But nothing a good old relax in a hot bubble bath won't fix.

I'm out of the bath now and Nathan is still sitting at the table working on his fiction writing, exactly where I left him nearly an hour ago. He very kindly got me a cup of milk and a chocolate chip muffin, because of course now I was feeling peckish! Both Nathan and I got on with our individual pursuits in the evening... Mine was definitely not of the productive kind; one of those evenings where I lost myself to the internet, if I'm honest. 

Start to get myself sorted for bed, including my new (all natural) skincare routine I've recently implemented.

To bed we both go.


  1. How interesting seeing an insight into your daily life. I'm not sure I'd have the patience to write something like this. #MMBC

    1. Haha - it does take quite some time Anne, what with keeping notes of it all day & then typing up, but well worth it in the long run to look back on.... & interesting to see how day to day live evolves.

  2. It's great to see glimpses into other people's lives. My husband is also one who can't sit still while on the phone. Sounds like a fairly relaxing day - even with laundry on the go.

    1. A nice & relaxed family day :-) Just what you want during the school holidays.

  3. Replies
    1. Quite relaxed compared to some others, Tom :-)

  4. Hi, I love to read these type of posts because I ma nosy and i love to have an insight into other peoples days #mmbc

    1. Haha - one of the reasons I love these types of posts too!

  5. What a fab idea for a blog post...
    I find things like this so interesting to read. #MMBC

  6. Hi Jade, there is nothing like a slow start to the day followed by a walk somewhere new. Having a little time to spend together as a family is priceless too and what day wouldn't be complete without a little hiccup to cause a ripple of stress?


  7. I love this type of post as I am so noisy, but blimey you got a lot in *ahem not lazy at all ;) * X #mmbc

    1. Haha - this was a rather relaxed day, but we definitely have days a lot slower than this also!


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