February 03, 2018

Adventures in January (2018)

And just like that, January has come to an end... I say just like that as if it sped by, and in many respects it has, however at times the month has also felt never ending. Most likely because we're all keen to see the end of winter; well the winter weather at least! Now that's been contradictory too, with lashings of rain and howling wind one day followed by blue skies and winter sunshine the next. 

For us, January has been all about coming out of hibernation. We're very much a family that easily closes ourselves in during the colder months, with weekends watching movies snuggled under blankets as opposed to out wandering, however that's not how we wanted to kick the new year off - start as you mean to go on they say.

We've always been blessed with beautiful landscape and no shortage of places to walk and explore here where we live in our Valley, however our new house (well, we have been here close to six months now, which is crazy) is in a great location for some of our favourite walking areas - the local forestry area being one of my happy places and we all love a walk on the canal path that's nearby.

Having bundled up, we've had some lovely outings at both of these locations - when the weather has been on our side that is!

Early on in January I was able to take a solo walk to the forest area. Being out in nature with just my own thoughts and people few and far between was exactly what I needed to start the new year; I was able to have some reflective time, coming home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The canal path has fast become Alexander's favourite place to walk, with him even asking to go there a couple of days after coming out of nursery! The local path runs all the way into the city - it is quite the distance in total - however we walk just a small portion of it not too far from home, which is the perfect amount for Alexander; he loves looking for ducks along the route.

Sadly, Nathan hasn't actually been able to join us on any of these adventures (due to work), however we do have some fun plans - for the whole family - on the cards for February.

Wishing you a wonderful February!

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  1. ...life should always be an adventure!

  2. Hi Jade, what a lovely area you seem to live in and it's great that you do get out with little one enjoying it too. As much as I love our Sunday walks, I do enjoy getting home to spend the rest of the day snuggled in the warm. I love that non guilty feeling of knowing we have been out.


  3. I love that you're making the most of the space so close to home. Enjoy February and thank you for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures

  4. I love a solo walk, I was going to say in the countryside but actually anywhere I love wandering with my camera x

  5. You really cannot beat a solo walk with your thoughts and the quiet can you? I love a bit of hibernation too but so looking forward to more outdoor adventures too. Really looking forward to reading about your February too. Thanks for joining us #MyFamilyAdventures

    1. So sorry Laura, this comment some how fell into my spam.

      A solo walk, or any kind of solo activity, is much needed every now and again. Thank you!

  6. The cold weather is awful. I long for warmer weather too. It's lovely that you are surrounded by wonderful places in which to walk. #MyFamilyAdventures

    1. We're very lucky with the landscape around us. I hope February has been great to you!


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