January 02, 2018

The Everyday | December


FRIDAY 1ST | Feeling positive about the month ahead
SATURDAY 2ND | My brother's 21st birthday party - nice to see family from London, but also lovely to see how happy my brother is in his circle of friends (something we don't often get to witness)
SUNDAY 3RD | Nathan shared an audio clip with me that he had recorded from the night before (when I was out) of Alexander singing and playing his little guitar
MONDAY 4TH | Misty morning views
TUESDAY 5TH | A cosy evening reading a murder mystery (Agatha Christie)
WEDNESDAY 6TH | Morning conversations with Alexander
THURSDAY 7TH | That feeling when you just can't stop reading a book
SATURDAY 9TH | Movie night with Nathan - we watched Boss Baby and it was so much funnier than I expected
SUNDAY 10TH | A lovely dinner
MONDAY 11TH | Wrapping presents
TUESDAY 12TH | Pink clouds this morning
WEDNESDAY 13TH | Morning moments with Alexander - he jumped into our bed after waking up. We had lovely chats, morning cuddles and hid from monsters too
THURSDAY 14TH | Thankful Nathan already had the day off when I came down with a sickness bug
FRIDAY 15TH | Family movie night - Minions
SATURDAY 16TH | Evening conversations with Nathan + better vision thanks to picking my new glasses up
SUNDAY 17TH | Cosy Sunday at home
MONDAY 18TH | Warming sunshine and candyfloss skies
TUESDAY 19TH | All of Nathan's planning & hard work with the making of our garden pond is really paying off and it's lovely to see plans come to life
WEDNESDAY 20TH | Alexander 'reading' me a story
THURSDAY 21ST | Finished preparing my bullet journal for the new year
FRIDAY 22ND | An outing to the park, followed by a little walk, with Alexander
SATURDAY 23RD | Family visits... Three lots of them!
SUNDAY 24TH | Beginning new Christmas Eve traditions as well as continuing with old ones
MONDAY 25TH | A lovely Christmas day as a family
TUESDAY 26TH | We went to my mum's - lots of fun was had playing a trivia game
WEDNESDAY 27TH | A relaxing evening including reading, a bath and a nature show
THURSDAY 28TH | Waking up to a glistening frost
FRIDAY 29TH | Morning reading time - snug in bed with book in hand and a howling wind as background noise
SATURDAY 30TH | Bookshop browsing (... and buying)
SUNDAY 31ST | That feeling when what starts out as a bad day ends up turning in to a good one

A happy January to you all!


  1. ...hopin that 2018 will be a wonderful year for you.

  2. Hi Jade, I really should start noting one positive thing a day too, no matter how simple they are. I started wrapping prsents the week before Christmas and thought I was one step ahead! Reading in bed forst thing is a pleasure especially when you don't have to get up and the weather is miserable outside. It's not something I get to do often either... As children I have fond memories of pond watching in our garden pond, Dad would put a couple of tennis balls on the surface in winter so the fish still had airholes and I found it fascinating. This time next year I hope your posd will be bringing you and your family the same simple joy.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


    1. Ah, thank you for sharing those lovely childhood memories Deb - the pond is now complete, for the most part, and much joy is coming from it already. I'm looking forward to the warmer spring summer days, sitting out there, passing time etc.

      Thank you for hosting!


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