January 14, 2018

Project 365 | Days 8 - 14

This year I'm attempting to complete 'Project 365' - I share these photos on my Twitter daily, and weekly I will be sharing a post with a number of photos combined as well as a few words giving them some context.

(8) Monday 8th January 2018
Playing Kerplunk with Alexander before nursery - today was the first day back after the Christmas break; I missed him.

(9) Tuesday 9th January 2018
One of those grey and dreary January days.

(10) Wednesday 10th January 2018
All bundled up - we went for a walk to the canal in the morning. Alexander hoped to see some ducks; we saw many.

(11) Thursday 11th January 2018
A frosty start to the day, and it remained bitterly cold all day. We still got out before nursery though, with a trip to the library.

(12) Friday 12th January 2018
Family time.

(13) Saturday 13th January 2018
We finally got round to watching Moana - enjoyed by all of us.

(14) Sunday 14th January 2018
A day of rest & house of ill.


  1. Replies
    1. A game, Tom - you put all the sticks in (like in the picture) followed by these marble type balls with the aim being that you pull the sticks out in turns but don't want the pulls to fall out. A lot of fun, especially for a 4 year old!

  2. Looking forward to following this :)
    Jas x

  3. Hi Jade, the 365 project is a nice way of documenting those daily things. What time does your library open? It used to take me all my energy to get my two to nursery! Hope you the illness has passed.


    1. Ah, Deb I'm lucky - in a sense - as Alexander only goes half days at nursery attending the afternoon session, so thankfully we can get some things done in the morning hours (like the library & canal walk). In September he will be going to school full time, so making the most of it whilst I can!


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