January 03, 2018

Project 365 | Introduction

Today I wanted to share a little about 'Project 365' - the concept behind the challenge, for those who are unaware, as well as my own reasons for committing to the project in 2018.

Project 365 is a photography challenge (or project) in which you take at least one photo every single day of the year. I've ummed and ahhed about this project for the past couple of years now, but never pushing myself to fully commit - 2018 is my year though! On the 1st of January I shared my first picture (see above) for the project on Twitter and have continued to do so daily there, with the aim to post here on my blog weekly with a compilation of seven photos. The pictures I share here on Captured by Jade will have a few words running alongside them, whereas when I post them to Twitter they have no context other than what day of the project it is.

So why 2018?

Last year was a very busy one for us, especially towards the end of it... And I very rarely picked up my camera; something I do for fun, that helps me to unwind and feel free & calm, plus something that genuinely brings me joy. I'm hoping this project helps me to get back in the habit of having my camera to hand and documenting.

As many regular readers will know, my photography passion lies in capturing the great outdoors, however my project 365 is going to encompass more of what my blog aim is - capturing our everyday life in the here & now.

I feel like 'Project 365' is going to be a big undertaking, especially as I ease myself into the swing of things, but I know it is something I'll look back on and treasure to have completed.



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